Sold! Cutting Out the Middle Man

sold elaine

Recently, I’ve been focusing on very small items that I can work on when my time is limited.  I’ll get back to working on larger pieces that I started last summer soon, but I enjoy doing tiny things that are delicate and need my special Sophia Loren glasses so I can see what I’m doing. This particular piece is about three inches square. When my friend Elaine saw it on Facebook, she was attracted to it because it had her favorite colors and symbolism in it, so she snatched it up for a mere $10. I’m excited about finishing off more small items because there is a lot of potential for them in other projects and their size keeps them affordable.

Did you ever go to an art show and think, “Wow, this is great stuff, but I can’t afford this! Why do they charge so much?”
That’s because art shows cost the artist a bundle of money. There is always a fee for applying, and the organizers sometimes use that to pay an outside judge to choose the artists who can participate.  If it’s outdoors, the festival dictates the size and appearance of the artist’s booth to promote uniformity of appearance and make it easier to ensure the security of the booths overnight. Artists are always obligated to provide their own tent, display surfaces, hardware, electrical lights, flyers and business cards, transportation, and other costs right down to postage stamps and cards to promote the show. The artist may have to take time off work to be at the show, and other people may need to be paid to help work the show.  At the end, the artist pays a percentage of sales to the organizer. So the prices on the individual pieces have to reflect many extra expenses besides the time and materials invested in the original work.

Some people  would rather buy something ready to hang on the wall right when they get it home. Others would rather take it to the frame shop and choose their own display method. Sometimes people want just want a small greeting card or bookmark to enjoy. I am striving to offer something for everyone, from small unmatted original works to large matted and framed items and everything in between. I hope you enjoy looking at these examples of my work.


3 responses to “Sold! Cutting Out the Middle Man

  1. Wow, Jeanne. I’m going to put you on Pinterest. I am so happy that you have done this and pleased to be better informed at the business mechanisms behind art shows. I had no idea that a portion of the sales went to the organizer.

    I thought municipalities that hosted art shows did so to generate tourism and increase commerce. We have a lot of outdoor shows in public spaces in New England.

    One last thought- your artwork would make gorgeous tattoos. I’m not a tattoo person but if I were this is what I’d be looking for.

    • Thanks for your comments! I do have a board on Pinterest, but the more exposure the better. I haven’t been back over there lately to figure out how best to use for promotions. Thanks for the reminder. You can find me over there under Jeanne Kasten, if you want.

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