Don’t “Get the T-Shirt”… Yet

Unless you like a white shirt.

Here are the two files I used to “make” these shirts to put up on the Zazzle store site:

Cat's Cradlea Resized for blogpostMandala Dream IIa ResizedCrop for blog

Here are the shirts I got in the mail:



So. Not good enough. Not good enough at all. I think a white shirt would work, but I don’t wear white shirts, so I didn’t buy one for myself. I will probably try a black shirt with a different design to see how that might work.  When I get one right for sure, I will be able to edit the description to warn people not to pick just any color. I think the pink one (on the “Get the T-Shirt” page) will look good, but I’m not convinced for sure because these looked fantastic when I placed the order.  I will have to delete the shirts for now to make sure someone stumbling across it won’t be getting a shirt that didn’t work. They do offer refunds within 30 days, but as I’ve said before, any reproduction doesn’t hold a candle to my original work, and in this case, that would be a huge disappointment.


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