The Sunday Strip

June 17, 2012 (4).1rot

It’s a beautiful Sunday, thunderstorms from last night have moved on, and I’m going to go for a bike ride soon. I think I’ll be spending some time catching up with pen pals I’ve neglected for the last two months. But first I wanted to show you a piece I finished last summer.

On a visit to the KU bookstore a couple of years ago, I came across a piece of mat board that was a gorgeous color of blue…never seen anything else like it. They only had one piece, and I’ve made several large and small pieces using it as background. The design on the T-shirt I talked about yesterday was one. Now I’m down to scraps. I think when I started this I anticipated cutting it up for jewelry pieces, but now that it’s finished I can’t bring myself to cut it up.
It’s just sitting here, not matted, not framed, and nobody looks at it except for me and Miss Shiva. And she doesn’t appreciate it. Sometimes you just can’t get through to a cat, no matter how much culture you expose them to.



IMG_8803The metallic and fluorescent effects  don’t show up well in the photo. It’s really quite vibrant.

Here it is under a black light:


Right now the price on it is $50.  Do you think I should go ahead and sell it or cut it up and make something else from it?

Thank you to those of you who have shared this new blog! I appreciate you very much.



7 responses to “The Sunday Strip

  1. I, personally, would leave it as is. If after a reasonable amount of time it hasn’t sold, then by all means make the smaller or jewelry pieces.

  2. Please don’t cut it up. What are the measurements?

  3. If you still have this piece and it’s still $50, I’d like to buy it. I can enjoy it until my niece’s birthday when I will give it to her. See how I did that? I rationalized it! Maybe by the time her birthday comes she’ll be in need of something else and I can say, “Well, I got her that ironing board she wanted so I guess I’ll keep this.”

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