About Deviant Art and Teeny Tiny Ants

But first, here’s  a design I started a few years ago and finally put it in a final version last summer. I had it on display as a matted and shrink-wrapped picture once or twice, then took it apart and worked on it some more. I think the orange mat is a bit too far out there for most people, but I’m leaving it on because it helps protect the piece and can be popped off easily.



I think anyone who buys it should probably experiment with a different color mat. This one was drawn on paper.  It’s $30.
I just realized I forgot to tell everyone about Deviant Art. Deviant Art is a great site for all kinds of artists and writers to get a free page and have a place to post what they’re working on for feedback from other artists. I’ve had a page over there for a long time, and there are some things in the two pages of my gallery that you might enjoy seeing. It’s a very crowded sitebut there are lots of artists that are doing great work.   Here’s a link to my gallery: Mandala Gal on Deviant Art
I don’t go by “Mandala Gal” anymore, but they won’t let me change it there. Too bad!
I’ve got an ant infestation going on which is demanding that I clean up my work area… I think it’s called “deep cleaning”… something I usually avoid. Wish me luck!


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