4 responses to “A Little Hot and a Lot Stubborn

  1. It’s nice and cool here, Jeanne so you know it’s not the heat that’s making you crabby. It really frosts me that others should profit AND dictate the vehicle for payment. Does Etsy work the same way? I always try to buy directly from the artist.
    Rose Window is beautiful and my brother will be 50 in February; he loves vibrant colors. What is the price for that piece?

    • You know, I haven’t looked at Etsy for a while since my cards and jewelry over there didn’t get any attention. I’ll have to go back and see.
      The Rose Window drawing isn’t available, sorry. I have a friend who works for Dell, and I traded it to her for a laptop!

      • That’s okay, you are saving me from myself. I LOVE the barter system!
        Your art is beautiful Jeanne, there has to be a successful way to market that eliminates the middle man. I think I’ll go to facebook and see what kind of exposure and potential sales I can coax from there.

        • I appreciate that, elroyjones. With the social networking structure in place, communication is easy. It’s less personal than an art fair but easier for me to afford at this point.

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