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IMG_8983IMG_8989I finally got around to creating a layout for printing temporary tattoos. At ten sheets of paper for $20, it’s probably not something I’ll do very often. They turned out all right. The temporary tattoos seem a lot more like decals than I expected. There’s a heavy plastic shiny thing on my arm that can be peeled right off again. There must be more than one kind of tattoo paper out there.  I don’t see anyone really wanting even a small temporary tattoo of one of my designs because it just looks like a peel-off decal, not very classy. But I’m happy that I figured out how to make it workand now I can move on.

One of the amusing things about the Create My Tattoo website is that people put up money for tattoo design contests. I get emails twice a week with lists of what people are looking for. When they choose a winner, the winner gets paid and the person gets to take the design to the tattoo artist.  It’s nice that they do that. But I really have to wonder about some of the requests. I understand that people want to commemorate events. I understand the decorative emblems, too. But the permanence of the commemorations of relationships and fantasies seems extreme to me. Seems to me that you’d have to be almost in the third quarter of your life  to know which beliefs and relationships really worked well  long enough to be embedded inink. I suppose I could live with something related to the Beatles or a literary quote,  but it’s my perspective as someone over 50 that gives me the confidence to say that.  I’d have to design my own though, and I’d have to work around the wrinkles. Sounds too complicated.
But I suppose being old and laughing at your own tattoos that you got when you were just a teenager has some merit.

Here are a few of the more interesting requests from the site:

Project: Arm band, third eye
Summary: Arm band symbolizing third eye
Prize Amount: $70.00
(why on the arm, why not just get a third eye where the third eye belongs?)

Project: Chicks half body tattoo:
Summary: Joined rib lower back and hip tattoo with WOW factor
Prize Amount: $250.00

Project: Spartan 300 Battle Scene
Summary: A tattoo depicting a Spartan war scene
Prize Amount: $50.00

Project: 3D Wrist tattoo
Summary: LORIAS in 3D across the whole of my wrist. Black and shading no colours. Flesh cracked / torn away to reveal the letters.
Prize Amount: $120.00

Project: My Family Tribute
Summary: My family is the centre of my existence. Their initials entwined on my back protected by flight and freedom of fairy wings.
Prize Amount: $200.00

Project: Adventure Time! Jake The Dog with Fin!
Summary: I want Jake the dog wrapping around the arm or calf with fin either riding on him, high fiving, fighting something, etc.
Prize Amount: $60.00

Project: Sexy Vixen/pinup
Summary: Sexy, provocative, gun weilding vixen!
Prize Amount: $45.00

Project: Dead tree of life, human skeleton, dna molecules, cancer ribbons
Summary: Never been done before.
Prize Amount: $55.00

Project: Vampire Embrace
Summary: I’d like it to be detailed, realistic looking as opposed tocartoon or graphic images.
Prize Amount: $65.00
(yes, it needs to be a REAL vampire)

Project: Morbid mending heart tattoo
Summary: Morbidly Beautiful decaying heart, brought back to life by kids
Prize Amount: $75.00

Project: Lilith – inspired by Kiki Smith sculpture
Summary: I want it vibrant, artsy, withstrong personality and an ethereal touch. Let Lilith’s body inspire you !
Prize Amount: $70.00
 Project: Back Piece Self Discipline
Summary: A back piece that represents self-discipline and hard work.
Prize Amount: $380.00
(for some reason I’m thinking of those Catholic saints who used “the discipline” on their backs)

Project: Sexy Ancient Egyption Woman Half Sleeve
Summary: Mystical & sexy,not tacky or saddistic.Egyptian goddess , back in ancient days.oozing sexiness,sophistication and sensuality
Prize Amount: $260.00

Artists can make some pretty good money if their design is chosen. And nobody will want a refund on the design, so the artist can’t really lose.  Makes me proud to live in the 21st century.



5 responses to “Tattoo Thoughts

  1. One of the boys got a tattoo at 16, ten years ago, that say RIP CMC and the date. His friend died in a car accident. We did not know that he intended to get it done otherwise… Well, you can surely imagine otherwise. It was a bad idea and now it’s a bad idea for posterity. I feel the same way about young girls and the tramp stamps above their butts; it will not age well. Johnbalaya had something on his blog about what an odd collection of grandparents there will be one day, all tatted up.

    I see “my” drawing by your peel off tattoos- yay!

  2. Reblogged this on elroyjones and commented:
    Jeanne’s work is intricate, beautiful, and positive. I bought a piece that I will enjoy in my office before I give it to my niece for her birthday- or at least that’s the plan, maybe I’ll give my niece dishtowels for her birthday and keep Jeanne’s artwork for myself.

  3. Those are really cool.

  4. I hope to take my ink with me into my next incarnation, I’m 65 now got my first at 51 and have zero regrets beyond having one in the first place since my first was a memorial tat for my late 19 y/o son after he was killed in a car wreck. in 1999. My other tats are just as meaningful to me and tell the story of my journey since his death. Piercings are a big HELL NO though LOL…Sorry you broke your wrist Jeanne, I’ll be sending Reiki your way in a little bit, heal well my friend!

  5. Reblogged this on EverythingThatWanderAround and commented:
    I really wonder why people wanted these and some are not, but i always have my full respect
    to those who wanted to have this kind of art.

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