Nine Days Post-Surgery Post

IMG_9018I still can’t type much due to the splint/bandage, but I’ve been able to draw a bit in between pain medicine doses.

IMG_9019I see the doctor in the morning, and I’m hoping a re-wrap of the arm will give me more freedom of movement.

IMG_9020In the meantime, I’ve become completely hooked on Lark Rise to Candleford (BBC production), QI with Stephen Fry on Youtube, and another new-t0-me British quiz show called Don’t Mind the Buzzcocks. Great stuff!

IMG_9022I just tuck the left arm up in several ice packs, point the laptop to the current addiction, and draw these little tiny things. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to continue doing art even though I’m  limited in other ways.  I’ve also re-scanned and photographed every one of the first 50 to keep my back-up records straight (there may be a duplication or two as a result).  Until typing is easier I’ll be showing more than telling on this blog.

IMG_9024Comments are always welcome. Thanks for taking a look!



3 responses to “Nine Days Post-Surgery Post

  1. Hey Jeanne…hope all goes well tomorrow and you gain at least a little freedom. Can’t imagine how tough it probably is for you right now. If you need anything, please let me know!

  2. Thanks, Donna, I appreciate it.

  3. I love these little ones and sets of 12 would make beautiful tree ornaments. Happy to read you are mending, no need to respond. Have I mentioned that I LOVE the piece you sent to me?

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