Arabesque- do you know the meaning?

IMG_9025I only knew this word as a ballet term until a year ago. But I was pleased to find out that it describes what I do in many of my designs.


  1. An ornamental design of intertwined flowing lines, originally found in Arabic or Moorish decoration.
  2. A passage or composition withfanciful ornamentation of the melody.
    IMG_9026It’s difficult for me to describe what I do and agonizing to think up titles for my work.
    IMG_9027I realize that some of the swirls I use are from art in other cultures, but everything is so mixed by the time I’m finished that I can’t usually give them names with a cultural reference. I’ve used “mandala” for many years, but that term more properly belongs to the work of the
    Tibetan monks. Searching “mandala” on the internet brings up a multitude of sites referencing drawing mandalas for personal growth or therapy.  I don’t feel like I’m doing this as therapy, though.
    IMG_9028People have asked me if these are renditions of visions or are otherwise spiritually inspired. (One gentleman at a show told me that these were the exact same images he had seen in his own visions. I was very polite to him.)
    If they are, it’s not obvious to me, at least not in the way they mean when they ask. I do not know what these will look like when I begin, and the meaning that they have for me is that I’ve found something I can do and enjoy that is unique. I do attach a lot of spiritual energy to them by means of what I am thinking about while I work on them. I think that would occur whether it was a conscious focus or not. Maybe in that sense they are spiritual tokens. I’ve been contemplating gratitude a lot recently.

    I see I’m being followed by other artists… I’d be interested in hearing from others who have thought about these issues.  Do you think there is an energy focus  added to your work because of your state of mind? I know Van Gogh’s paintings express emotion, but I’m not necessarily talking about emotion.  I think I need to research this some more.
    IMG_9030My doctor’s appointment went well this morning. I’ve had 8 staples removed from the top of my arm, am down to one splint and an Ace bandage, and am allowed to remove the whole thing three times a day for exercising my wrist.  I see him again in two weeks.

    I hope all of you have time to do something creative today!



4 responses to “Arabesque- do you know the meaning?

  1. Arabesque, I like that. I have a part of a short story somewhere around here called Astral Arabesque. Pleased to know you’re healing well.

  2. I definitely think your energy at the time can influence your work. That, or the Spirit working through you. That may sound far out, but I’ve experienced some interesting things when working — like sculpting the face of someone I knew when I wasn’t trying to (or even possessing the ability to do so, really). A friend of mine referred me to your blog today, and I’m glad she did. Beautiful work!

    Here’s a post of mine that addresses that issue a bit if you want to stop by.

    • Thank you, Michelle, for the contribution to my thoughts. My guess is that there aren’t too many artists considering this issue, and that it might help if we did.
      I enjoyed seeing your work, too, it looks like you’re having a lot of fun with it!

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