Chinese Fireworks? That’s the best part!

A few of you know me on the So Far From Heaven site, where I occasionally post art work as an interlude to Old Jules’ observations. I have this privilege because I’m also known as “Admin.” over there. So this series of photos of a drawing in progress might already be familiar to you.

I’m much more interested in seeing Chinese fireworks than actually celebrating the Fourth of July as a patriotic holiday. While I’m grateful for the freedoms that I still have here, I’m not what you could label a “patriotic” person. “My country, right or wrong,” just doesn’t cut it for me. I’ve traveled and lived abroad a few times, and have had my share of explaining that “We aren’t all like that! Really!” to Dutch, English, and Irish people who hold our politics and leaders in contempt. Having to go through that can take the edge off your enthusiasm for being an American. 

I lived in Wichita, KS for 12 years back in the ’80’s when I was having all my home births and homeschooling  four kids and not doing any art work. The best part of living in Wichita was the River Festival with the fireworks extravaganza on the final night… the 1812 Overture, cannons booming off the bridge, and the best fireworks display I’ve ever seen. It was probably the best in the entire state of Kansas.

But the best, all-time BEST, fireworks I’ve ever seen were at Disneyland! That was fantastic! I’ve been fortunate to have seen them there twice. Fireworks displays have become so much more amazing over the last few years.

(This is the final version of this drawing. It’s about 10×10 inches, not matted and framed.)

Paint Shop Pro manipulation

Paint Shop Pro manipulation

Fortunately for me, my three sons have a huge attraction for fireworks, so there’s a chance that we’ll have something to see that they’ve cooked up themselves. In years past they’ve managed a few choreographed displays, and one of my sons has gotten certification to work on public displays. Otherwise, I might wander down to the Olathe downtown parking garage tomorrow night and take a look at the local display. If the weather’s chancy,  I might just stay in and dream up some ideas about turning my drawings into fireworks. I’m grateful that my public library job gives me the day off, so I expect I’ll be spending most of it creatively. I hope my American readers also have time off to celebrate. And that my European readers can forgive us, at least on a personal level, for being overly enthusiastic about our presence in the world.



6 responses to “Chinese Fireworks? That’s the best part!

  1. Very well said, Jeanne. I share your views on this subject.

  2. Ditto here, from a fellow homebirth/homeschool wish I could do art mama. 🙂

    • Well, if you’re homeschooling, it might be possible to find your niche when you’re introducing your kids to various projects. That’s how I connected with gel pens in the first place, I think. “Gotta get these for the kids, they are so cool,” etc.

      • I almost got a huge set at Big Lots the other day. They are fun, but what you do with them blows me away. My niche is mosaics – my garage looks like I do it all the time. ha. I don’t. Kids like it too. Get to break stuff. 🙂

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