Reading the Fine Print

IMG_9088I got an invitation to submit work for an  art show in the NE part of the Kansas City metro area the other day. I went to the website to get the details for exhibitors.

IMG_9032The first red flag I saw was that they wanted a separate jury fee for every kind of art that I might want to display in the booth.  No submitting photography with drawings, for example. But that would also mean no displays of my jewelry unless it was accepted separately with an additional fee.

IMG_9033“Artists’ pets, open flames, or music played in your booth will not be permitted.”
No music? Really? Not even something culturally relevant to the art? Oh, well. I could live with this, but it does fire my imagination to think about the violations.
IMG_9034“Sale signs and any handwritten signs are prohibited.”
This seems unreasonable to me, but maybe it’s  because I have some background in calligraphy. I have noticed professionally made banners at art shows recently, so this is probably widespread.  An additional investment for the artist besides the tent, display surfaces, etc.

” Selling of promotional items (t-shirts, mugs, calendars, etc.) is prohibited.”
While I applaud their emphasis on original art , this does limit the flexibility of the artist to provide items of an affordable nature to everyone who might attend.  This would include postcards and greeting cards, I’m sure. I think that’s kind of sad.

There were lots of other specifications, of course. All about insurance, tent size, weights to hold down the tent, electricity, what would happen in the case of “offensive art,” etc. I guess I’m just not ready to play that game.

In the meantime, I’ve been invited to bring in some of my originals to display at the public library where I work . We’re hoping to stimulate interest among our patrons and find other artists who will take turns displaying their work, too. We have a lovely magazine room with a huge open wall space and hangers already in place. When I get them up in the next week or so, I’ll post photos here.  I’ve exhibited at other library branches in the past, but never at the one where I currently work, so I’m excited about it.  I’m very grateful to my  managers for asking me to kick this off for our branch.

Back to the drawing board!



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