Stuff That Happened When I Wasn’t Drawing

I’ve recently gotten back into the habit of daily gratitude affirmations. It’s a spiritual practice  that I learned from Old Jules, and I’m not often diligent about it, but it’s helping a lot. So  I’ll take a break from art work and show you some things that bring me joy.

1011442_10151810798330676_2014546002_nFourth of July was great. I went to my niece’s house in Tonganoxie, KS where fireworks aren’t prohibited. I missed a lot of the excitement because I left before dark, but I enjoyed seeing family that I don’t see often anymore. I left too early to see my son making cotton candy, but it was evidently spectacular!

My oldest, making cotton candy.

My oldest, making cotton candy.


My sister-in-law has 8 kids, a bunch of grandkids, and a couple great-grands, so this little ping-pong exercise was nothing to her!

11511_10151810800665676_1257027325_n  944171_10151810800485676_1178334123_n

Jeanne, Sharron, Rosemary

Jeanne, Sharron, Rosemary


Shiva, previously known as Shiva the Cow Cat, has settled in well and is  grateful that she’s no longer having to rest in coolers with ice packs in them to stave off the heat.  She says to tell her admirers from Old Jules’ blog “hello” and thanks  everyone for all the attention. She’s thriving in a one-cat household since my Primary Top Cat, Mr. M, died in April. She doesn’t fill his very large paws, but puts on at least a show of affection. We pretend we’re best buddies since it beats the alternatives. I’m sure she secretly misses Old Jules, but she politely doesn’t mention it, and I only compare her out loud to Mr. M. a tiny bit when I know she’s not really listening.

Saturday nights usually find me at the auction house. Not to attend the auction, but to pick through the unsold discards. This time my friends Roger and Elaine came along.

lots of laughs reading the "how-to's" from this book. Too bad we never found the paint.

lots of laughs reading the “how-to’s” from this book. Too bad we never found the paint.

vibrating seed sprinkler?

vibrating seed sprinkler?


Roger grows an extra head, just in case

Roger grows an extra head, just in case

I was especially glad to find one specific item on my wish list, a terry-cloth robe made of Egyptian cotton.  It’s great seeing things materialize quickly when the request is made, and the auction house has become a treasure cave of sorts for many things I would not have bought for myself.  I’ll be taking the robe with me next summer when I visit the Hot Springs at Breitenbush, Oregon… a trip I had to postpone because of the broken arm.  I’ll also need a new large bath towel, but there’s plenty of time for that to materialize in the interim.

We ate at Mai Thai  and them came back for tea and time to show off all of our found “treasures.” Many of these items end up as Christmas gifts for people who know us well enough to laugh. So you’re not seeing everything I picked up, as I have to save some of the surprises for later.

So I’m healing well, I spent time with people that I care about, and tonight I’ll be drawing again.  I picked up a lot of paint chips at the hardware store yesterday, and they make great background cards for the small drawings. I might be able to make them into double-sided ornaments as per elroyjones’ suggestion.  You’ll be the first to see them when it happens!



9 responses to “Stuff That Happened When I Wasn’t Drawing

  1. Reblogged this on So Far From Heaven and commented:
    An update from Jeanne on Shiva the Cow Cat

  2. good to see shiva has settled in

  3. I recognize Shiva right away. Huh. Can’t believe I was right.
    Nice to see all the pictures. Glad you are on the mend.

    • Thank you. I can feel the strength coming back to the arm, but there’s not a lot of movement in the wrist. Takes time, I guess. Thanks for visiting.

  4. I’ve never met anyone with their own cotton candy machine before! Nice post, lovely family, the little kid with the sparkler just cracks me up.

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