Spoonflower, what a great resource!

Spoonflower  is a great website where anyone can upload designs and get fabric made from their own work. I had been given directions about a printing process involving feeding small treated pieces of unbleached muslin through a printer when an artist friend of mine pointed me in the right direction…that is, let someone else do it. Here are some samples of fabric that I’ve ordered. It’s a good thing you can get 8×8 inch samples because you really need to check the coloring and sharpness of the designs before you pay for the actual yardage, which can be quite costly, depending on the weight of your fabric.

IMG_9149Although these don’t look too bad in the photo, they aren’t quite what I want  yet. The colors are too soft, and the designs are either too big or too small.  I still have a lot to learn about making the adjustments on the site as far as repeats, dpi, and number of colors used.
July_2__2010__3_cropHundreds of artists upload designs, and when you have approved your own fabric by checking a sample, you can put it up for sale. So anyone who sews can choose from thousands of designs. They also have theme contests and anyone can vote for their favorites.  Winning draws attention to your designs on the site.

You can upload anything you want. I’ve  uploaded photographs,  scans of old maps, and vintage papers.
DSC01467Quilt restorers can scan a piece of vintage fabric and have a replacement piece printed to fill in the worn area of an antique quilt.


If you don’t like your original color scheme, it’s possible to change or remove  colors. So I even have samples of my designs limited to just two colors.

But you can also get wrapping paper!
IMG_9159Here are photos of the three rolls I ordered. Again, I have some changes to make before I order again, but I’m very pleased with it.

IMG_9161The paper is quite heavy, not at all like store-bought paper. I made some of it into envelopes for holding gifts of concert tickets. It would be nice for origami boxes, which is what I’ll probably try next.


Another option is to make your own wallpaper. At $54/roll, you’d better be sure you get it right, but there is an option on each order page to show how it would look with a chair and table in the photo for a reference. I can sort of imagine what William Morris must have felt like seeing his designs used for home decoration.

I’m really thankful that it’s not necessary for me to screen-print my own fabrics or print my own wrapping paper! Once I get my settings just right, I should have some really nice fabric available for all kinds of projects, from book covers to curtains!



15 responses to “Spoonflower, what a great resource!

  1. YAY! I love the first roll of wrapping paper and will be watching closely to see how this new venture evolves and what products are available. I’ve been waiting for the fabric application of your art. Most excited!

    • elroyjones, thank you. I’m excited about it too, it’s just kind of expensive for me at the moment.. Wrapping paper starts at $15/roll, which is reasonable since you get a 3×6 foot length, but fabric starts at $18/yard. But the finished product would be so much fun to wear!

      • $18.00 a yard sounds perfectly reasonable to me. I have seen scarves in store for $75-100 that were mass produced and not nearly as lovely as yours. Two yards would be a good amount for a generous scarf; I could get enough for sisters and friends and the next thing you know, we’re wearing a “designer brand”!

  2. Reblogged this on elroyjones and commented:
    Jeanne has found new applications for her artwork. Her designs are gorgeous!

  3. Oh man… this is the coolest thing ever… can I get miles of cloth with pictures of my face all over it? I will make whole outfits… suites… underwear… hats… It will be so awesome…

  4. Sounds like fun. I used to sew a lot but not anymore but I still love hearing about new ways of doing most anything.

    I like your paper patterns and the second single fabric sample. That would make a lovely scarf. Do you work with sheer fabrics too?

    • I don’t think Spoonflower offers anything sheer, but I’ll check. I have a sample swatch book from them, but I think it’s out of date since I see that they offer cotton voile and cotton silk… I don’t know if either of them are sheer or not. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I definitely need to get an updated swatch book.
      I haven’t actually bought any yardage yet. I need to adjust some of the settings and get another few samples before I do.

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  6. I just got your postcard! I hadn’t even been to your blog yet, because I’m a dummy. This wallpaper is absolutely beautiful! Are you enjoying blogging?

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