Stuff I did when I wasn’t drawing:

I realized that I only have two Saturdays left where I’m not scheduled to work, so I took off and went on a little field trip. Ten miles west is De Soto, KS. Kill Creek Farm is a historic farmstead.



IMG_9172 I looked at a couple dozen artist booths where most of the art was heavily focused on sunflowers. Then I wandered through  the fields of sunflowers. Even though sunflowers aren’t my favorite flower, I got some.

Here are a few sunflower photos:
IMG_9176 IMG_9175  IMG_9169From there I headed on west to Lawrence, KS, one of my favorite towns. I had the pleasure of following my dream car for a few miles:

blue Subaru Forester

blue Subaru Forester

There was a Metaphysical Fair going on. I haven’t been to one of those for many years, so I decided to look around and see whether people were promoting any art.
I didn’t take photos because I was too shy to ask people if I could take pictures of their booths, but you can tell from the literature what was there. There were plenty of the usual psychic readers, but I was surprised that there were  a lot of booths  run by people who were just distributors of alternative  health products.

There were two people that I enjoyed meeting. One was a woman selling “bio-energetic revitalizers.” She  made beautiful glass pendants with dichroic glass which she then treated with four separate types of frequency generators… she mentioned Tesla and Rife… can’t recall the others. She did muscle testing on me (applied kinesiology) and showed me the weakness that appeared when I was holding my cell phone, and  how it was removed when I was holding my cell phone with her pendant.  She told me several stories about  how using them had helped her through  difficult situations and health issues. I was tempted to buy one, but they were  $50 each and I wasn’t comfortable making a snap decision to spend $50.  Since their main benefit is protection from electro-magnetic frequencies, that might be something really helpful, although I’m not sure the evidence is in about the harmful effects of the EMFs.   They were just gorgeous, though!

I also met a gentleman who didn’t have anything for his “booth” except for a card table, a couple of books, and some flyers:

IMG_9192He had a book on his table about Quantum Touch, which is a technique I use with Reiki. Since I’ve never actually met anyone else who uses it, so I asked him about it. He said he just picked up the book because it resonated with what he does intuitively, and doesn’t consider himself a QT practitioner. He offered me a healing session of my arm for free, so I took him up on it. I will let you know if there is any significant change. I liked his attitude because he was very down to earth and offered to help even though I couldn’t pay him for a formal session. He said he knew I would pass on the favor to someone else, so I will gladly do that.

There were lots of other therapies being promoted, but he was the only one giving any free treatments.  There were plenty of booths selling stones and promoting their uses, but none of the stones resonated with me. I was surprised to see how much more expensive crystals have gotten over the years. Someone was selling magnet therapy braces, but they didn’t have a product to wear over the wrist, so I was saved from thinking I needed to invest in one, even though I’ve known people who were greatly helped by using them.

All in all, I learned a few things and I thought the $5 admission was worth it.
I did wonder how many of the products being sold were from China. I saw this on the drive home:

IMG_9187Nothing unusual there, of course.

Oh, one more thing.  I just can’t resist including a couple photos of a drawing I worked on this week. I remembered that I had a new package of glaze pens, and I’ve been going back over many of the drawings I thought were finished and adding a few extra touches. This one is a couple of inches square:

IMG_9208IMG_9209That’s it for now! I’ll post again after I’ve seen the doctor this week. Maybe I’ll get out of this splint soon!



4 responses to “Stuff I did when I wasn’t drawing:

  1. I’ve heard of psychic fairs around these parts and have always been curious about them but not enough to attend any. Thanks for sharing your Sunday tour. I’m always interested in learning new things.

    • Thanks for the comment… what was interesting to me is that they haven’t changed in the 12 years or so since I first attended one, except for new health products!

  2. Oh my god, the drawings at the end of this post are MAGICAL. Also, I love posts like this. The events of the in between. 🙂

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