In Which I Get my Hula Hoop and Update Etsy

Shiva and  I exercise like this.

Shiva and I exercise like this.

I went  back to Lawrence today because my hula hoop was ready and I needed to pick it up. Hula hoop, you say? And just how old are you? Well, old enough to know I need exercise that isn’t stressful on my joints. I pretty much hate anything to do with walking or running in the heat. I was doing fairly well riding my bike at the beginning of the summer before I broke my arm, but even without the accident, I wouldn’t have ridden in this heat.

I went back to T-Tapp recently, which is a really great 15 minute isometric workout and doesn’t involve any jumping up and down. It’s tolerable for my arm, and I like it because it’s effective, but it’s not necessarily fun. Health coaches keep telling me to find a form of exercise that is fun. Exercise is not fun; sitting and drawing is fun. Reading a book and eating snacks is fun. Watching British quiz shows on youtube is fun. Eating out is fun.

But the specter of arthritis is not fun either, and joint health is important to me since my mom was very crippled up with arthritis and had three hip replacements. (She needed four, but said: “Enough!”) I saw that a daughter of a friend of mine lost a lot of weight exercising with a hula hoop, so I figured I’d try it.  I have to admit I was attracted to videos like this one, too. (You can actually waste a lot of time watching hula hoop videos, which is also fun.)

I’m not a huge fan of Ellen, but she can hula hoop too. She was definitely not a beginner when she did this with Marisa Tomei. I’d be pleased if I got to her level:

  I heard about Hoopmama‘s from the gym teacher at the school where I work and found them on Etsy, located in Lawrence. This is not the hula hoop of your childhood. These are adult sized hoops which are made to measure based on your height and their weight is based on your experience level.  I tried a hula hoop last summer at Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon, and found I could do this easily, but when I brought this one home it wasn’t easy at all. I think it’s not as heavy as the one I used there. But I managed after a lot of attempts to get about 50 rotations, so I’m pretty sure it will be okay.  Also, I got to choose my colors, which  makes it more attractive. I already wish I had one that has LED lights on it, but I suppose that can wait.

Never had anyone say they heart my face before, but I'll take it.

Never had anyone say they heart my face before, but I’ll take it.

It feels a little like too much information telling you that as a 56 year old woman, I’m starting to hula hoop, because that visual can’t be that great, but it might help me be accountable to letting you know how much I improve. You won’t see any video links to me, though, I promise.


On the artistic front, I’ve updated my shop on Etsy and added a page to link to that here on the blog.  There are two sections on my Etsy store, Papers and Jewelry. I’ve listed several of the individual ornaments, one double-sided one, and one set of three.  It’s a time-consuming process to list individual items there, so if you see something here you want to purchase, let me know so I can set it aside and not list it over there! The pendants I referred to earlier are all listed on Etsy now. Feel free to contact me with questions. It appears that Etsy likes to accept either PayPal or credit cards. I have a problem with PayPal as I’ve mentioned before, and would prefer to accept checks. Email me at or send me a message on Etsy if you’d like to discuss this.
Off now to pick up that hula hoop and try again. Any suggestions for music?



15 responses to “In Which I Get my Hula Hoop and Update Etsy

  1. So I am intrigued by the hulahoop situation. I’d really like to do it too but have yet to find one that is heavy enough. I am a little bit crooked from back surgeries and wonder if that will be an impediment. I do not dance where people can see me but I crank it up here once in a while and I notice that the difference is more pronounced then. I have very good balance; though I’m thinking that symmetry will be important in the hulahoop movements.

    Going to etsy.

    • Hi Elroyjones, I’ll let you know how it progresses. Maybe there is a gym nearby where you can try one out? I know it’s getting popular all over the country, but I’d see if you can get your hands on one or else talk to the people at Hoopmama’s and see if they have any recommendations for weight. Of course, they aren’t the only ones out there, and maybe there is a health forum where you could ask someone.
      For what it’s worth, I’ve already put more time on this than two of the other workouts.

      • I tried a drugstore hulahoop in the aisle at the drugstore today and was not exactly what could be described as successful. I love that I am too old to be embarrassed by the little things.

        • Yeah, those are the kids’ sized hoops. If the hoop measures from the floor to a couple inches above your belly button it’s the right size.

          • Thanks so much, so I’ll look for one that is weighted and use your measuring technique. I looked at the ornaments and love the set of 3 with the bright colors. I’m thinking they will make a nice gift for my niece (truly for her this time) since she’ll have her first tree this year.

    • I just uploaded another set of three today, and there will be some more coming up this week, so you might want to give me some more time before you make any decisions! Thanks for looking at the site!

  2. Here’s an idea. Do you remember Chubby Checkers doing the TWIST? The movements are much the same as with a hula hoop. Might this idea help? Check this out. He lost a LOT of weight…

    • Hi LCTC… yes, that looks good too… but I need the incentive of not having to pick up the hoop all the time.. I think if I were dancing I would just stop from fatigue. Good moves, though! Anything that gets the heart rate up works.

  3. Teresa Brewer. Fairly annoying sound, but it’s probably a hula hoop classic.

  4. At least she appears happy and healthy. J

  5. Lol! i’m impressed, I don’t think I can do two rotations, let alone 50.

    That piece of art on the blue background looks awesome.

  6. Love my hula hoop, I bought it a few years ago and use it a few times a week. I have noticed I am more flexible. I hope you find it an enjoyable way to exercise.

    • Thanks, season55, I should get back to it. My apt. is too small to use it comfortably, so it ended up in a closet for the winter months (and the too-hot summer). Now that fall is here, it will get more use!

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