A Thank You Gift


Today I  to sent out one of my drawings to a blogger  that I “met” as a reader of Old Jules’ blog.  Cecilia at thekitchensgarden had a really brilliant idea for her fellowship of readers and offered to dedicate some of her new trees that she planted to us.

Celi’s readership is truly a “fellowship.” Her daily observances of life on her farm are so revealing that we feel like we are part of all of it. Those who comment are so friendly and supportive that we truly feel a connection with  her and to each other. Sometimes the internet is quite wonderful for building relationships. Her descriptions of how she relates to us as her readers is quite poetic: Weeping Mulberries for the Forest of the Fellowship.

When she made the offer, I was going through the awful experience of losing my good cat, Mr. M, and since I rent the house where I live, he was not even buried here, but at my family’s house (where they care for so many cats that there is quite a kitty graveyard from years of taking care of strays). Renting does not give you a sense of permanence, so I did not really have a way of memorializing him here. So when I saw her offer, I asked if she would choose one of her newly planted trees in Illinois to dedicate to Mr. M.

Here is my comment at the end of her post:
“Celi, thank you so much for honoring my Mr. M. with a tree. I am going to print this out and put it in my scrapbook about him. He was such a great cat, and I miss him horribly. Thank you for reaching out to me like this.

cecilia says:
I will pass Mr M’s tree on the way to the barn every day, it is right on the track, so the trunk of this tree will be stroked just like a cat on a daily basis..in fact it is being watered at this very minute.. I am so glad you popped in.. The label will say Mr M. .. love c

So, wanting to do a little something in return for her big kindness and her kind words, I mailed out the above drawing today. I sent it with the hanging ribbon but without the hole punch in case she has another way to display it in mind.
It’s not much, but it’s a personal thank you, which is all I can do sometimes. I am thankful for feeling like  I’m a part of her “fellowship” and I hope you’ll take a minute to visit her blog and appreciate what she does on her farm.  We are a big bunch, but you are welcome to join us!




One response to “A Thank You Gift

  1. Wonderful gestures like this are heartwarming.

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