T-Shirt Update (not good news)


Mandala Dream IIa ResizedCrop for blogI decided to try the t-shirts again, since I had a credit on my account from the last two failures. This time I chose to give in and try it on white. I figured it was the only choice since the colors were so off when they printed on a colored shirt.
IMG_0154Can you see why I’m disappointed?  Here’s the other one:
CosmicabGranted, the second one is on organic cotton, so there’s a slight change of background color because of that:
IMG_0155I just don’t think this is going to work. While part of it is that their inks aren’t bright enough, I also think I just have too many colors and too many details to make a good shirt.
IMG_0153I know I can probably start from scratch and intentionally make a shirt with a simpler design and fewer colors. I’d leave out the metallics entirely with a new design, since they would only print as a gray for silver or tan for gold.
Another option, of course, would be to take the project to another site besides Zazzle. They aren’t highly rated for their shirts. I checked with one other site so far and couldn’t get my design to upload (too high a resolution perhaps). But that kind of research is something that can wait until later.
I sent out one more drawing yesterday. A pen pal of mine is going through a rough patch, so I wrote her a long letter and sent this one:
IMG_0152I’m still waiting for the fabric swatches to arrive, and when they do, I’ll show you how they turned out. I’m getting the idea that drawing for products is an entirely different process and requires another approach to choosing colors and manipulating color intensity. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed!
In the meantime, I’m still busy. Here’s a photo of my work surface at the moment: a portable desk blotter that I picked up for free at the auction. I’m now able to lift this using both hands, which is making things a whole lot easier.

IMG_0156Physical therapy is going well. I exercise the wrist and hand 3 times per day, which hurts like hell, but not as badly as the actual appointments with the therapist. I’m seeing a lot of improvement in range of motion, though. I imagine this part will continue for a long time.
More later!



7 responses to “T-Shirt Update (not good news)

  1. I know the frustration of nitpicking your way to what finally satisfies you. Patience is wonderful when we have it. I know I don’t. I look forward to watching your progress to perfection.

  2. Hi Jeanne, I got our postcard today and I’m so glad you tipped me off to your blog. (and I’m so sorry to hear of your arm injury!). These t-shirts are beautiful, and if they weren’t right next to your vibrant originals I wouldn’t see any flaw in them at all!

    • Thanks, Kare, I’ll be interested to hear what others think. They are so far from what I imagined, But maybe I’ll wear them anyway and get more feedback.

  3. I agree with Kare. Your designs are still beautiful and the subdued colors are a different kind of beautiful, but still beautiful. I have seen the work that Liberty Graphics does and wonder if they may be a good resource for you-

    • Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look into it. Maybe I’m being too particular about exact reproduction of the colors… I’ll have to get some more opinions!
      By the way, the link you gave is having problems. When I did a search for Liberty Graphics I came up with more than one company. Can you clarify for sure which site I’m looking for? Thanks.

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