Spoonflower Fabric Samples!

I’m really pleased with the results of my next round of Spoonflower fabric swatches. I’m not sure everyone will like the size of the designs, some of them are pretty small, but that is one of the settings I was trying to calculate so I know now what 500 dpi does.

The fabric sample book  also  included samples of their wallpaper, decal paper, and two kinds of wrapping paper, matte and satin (a glossier finish).

IMG_0186The decal option intrigues me, because I like stickers of any kind, but I’m not sure what I would use that for, other than decorating envelopes for mail art.
IMG_0165It’s necessary to buy the swatch before the design can be listed for sale, and I’m going to go ahead and “approve” them for sale.


IMG_0169I wasn’t aware that the wrapping paper had two options, I think that’s new. The sample paper I got seems lighter in weight than the big rolls I showed you earlier, more like something you could actually use to wrap something!

I think the black on this one should be darker than it is, so I should probably try this one again before listing it.

I think the black on this one should be darker than it is, so I should probably try this one again before listing it.

The silk crepe de chine is my favorite. I think that, or the cotton silk, would be best for sewing a scarf. There are different widths for different kinds of fabric. I’d recommend that anyone ordering yardage start by ordering the $1.oo fabric sample booklet to check the weight and transparency first.

I’ll put up an additional page at the top of the blog to link to Spoonflower when I have jumped through the hoops to have these listed for sale.

Here’s my favorite of them all:
IMG_0177Just click on any of them to see them up close.

Other news?
I’ve finished a second set of  decorative hanging ornaments, which are “in the wings” for now. The first bunch is mostly up on the Etsy site.
I also have a third set which are mounted on card stock, but are not yet photographed.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the “unlisted” designs:
set 2 (11)

My school library clerk job starts up again on Thursday, so I’ll be  back to working  around 51 hours a week. I’ll keep posting as time allows. As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions.

And finally, I’m all done with this:

Splint and Ace bandage

Splint and Ace bandage

I still have 5 physical therapy sessions scheduled besides the 3x per day routine, which will go through August. Most of my flexibility measurements are greatly improved, but scar tissue is inhibiting downward movement, so I have a long way to go.

More later!


4 responses to “Spoonflower Fabric Samples!

  1. I like all shades of blue. A lot. I suppose if I was to choose, I’d pick the first sample with the ruler beside it.

    Glad to hear your mobility and flexibility is coming along.

    • I guess it’s pretty obvious that blue is my favorite color… I keep trying to branch out and use warm colors, but they just aren’t as appealing to me!

  2. I like the bottom one the best. i have to get on this etsy situation and order some things!

    • No hurry, and just shoot me an email if you see something you want me to set aside for you. I’ll just remove whatever you are interested in off the site and hold it until later if you like.

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