Stuff I did when I wasn’t drawing, August 4th

This is an "inchy", one inch square.

This is an “inchy,” one inch square.

It’s been a busy week. My elementary school library clerk position started up again last Thursday, and I didn’t have a chance to act on the ideas I’ve had for the blog last week.

Saturday I worked at my county library job and then spent a surprisingly pleasant couple of hours at my granddaughter’s birthday celebration.

Chucky Cheese party

Chuck E Cheese party

A trip to the auction for free discards  yielded a bunch of balls of yarn for the art teacher at the school, a cat carrier for my kids who have to schlep strays to the vet on a fairly frequent basis, and some decorative cord that I’ll be able to use on some future ornaments. I also picked up some unopened Burt’s Bees products, a box of birthday candles, and a really cute cedar souvenir box that I wish I had a use for:




So today I did make a few changes here, and you’ll see them at the top of the page. Deviant Art and Spoonflower links have been added. The  Greeting Cards page has been removed since they are all listed on Etsy.
I discovered some more settings on Spoonflower, which are great, but this complicates matters since whenever I make an improvement to the design they won’t list it until I’ve approved another sample swatch.It’s time-consuming to get the settings right for listing items for sale, so I’ll have to update there a little at a time.
Of course, I had to update Etsy, too, and I’ve listed a few more small items. I just realized that they will let you sell digital files! Whoa, I need to think that one over. Eventually I’ll have another category over there for vintage ephemera of various kinds, or small items like the above-mentioned souvenir box.

Here are two more items that I think will look nice when I’ve figured out how to display them properly:

Inchies with embellishments

Inchies with embellishments

I did manage to fit in a few sessions with the hula hoop, though! And my daughters went and got their own supplies to make their own, saving themselves a lot of money.  I wouldn’t have had the patience to make my own, and in any case I had the excuse of my not-fully-functioning wrist. But it’s evidently not that complicated.

Shiva gets into the dance aspect of hooping.

Shiva gets into the dance aspect of hooping.

To summarize, I’ve done a little of everything except draw!
Did you have time for creative efforts last week? I eagerly anticipate the time when I’ll work on my drawings every single day!

More later,


2 responses to “Stuff I did when I wasn’t drawing, August 4th

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  2. Lovely designs, Jeanne. Although you’ve done a little of everything, sounds like busy, busy to me.
    I LOVE Bert’s Bees products…the ones I know well and use are the facial wash and moisture cream, plus the facial scrub. At this point I don’t expect miracles but I believe the skin is holding up well.

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