Travelling Daughter, Serrapeptase, and Old Settler’s Days

Last week my youngest daughter took off for two weeks in London, and I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of her for saving up and planning this whole trip all by herself. She’d hate it if she knew I was putting this photo up, so don’t tell her. (I put it up on her Facebook page, but she removed it.)

IMG_0512Yes, that’s a Tardis pendant. She’s doing well over there as far as I can tell although naturally we’re not getting a lot of details. But she’s been to the top of St. Paul’s and seen the Churchill War Rooms and visited Westminster Abbey, so I know she’s finding her way!

On my end, I’ve been researching ways to break up scar tissue, which is the main issue with regaining flexibility in my wrist. The first thing I saw was about the Graston Technique. I couldn’t find a lot of descriptions, just the words “stainless steel implements” and “soft tissue,” which sounds awful.  I couldn’t find a lot of other information without making an appointment with a practitioner, so I kept searching, and found out about serrapeptase, which sounds like a miracle cure for all kinds of things. Basically,  it’s “proteolytic enzyme isolated from the nonpathogenic bacteria serratia species found in the digestive tract of the Japanese silkworm”… it’s what the silkworm uses to break out of its cocoon. There are tons of positive reviews for it on Amazon, not just for breaking up scar tissue, but for a wide array of situations that deal with inflammation of any kind. So I’ve ordered 6 weeks worth of it, which should be enough time to see if it makes a difference.  Read the reviews, you’ll be impressed.

This weekend was our local county festival, Old Settler’s Days, and since I live two blocks from the excitement, I wandered down to take some pictures and people-watch. There are very few changes from year to year, the same craft booths, the same food booths, the same businesses and churches represented, more or less, and the same carnival with the same rides in exactly the same places. Every year I wonder if I’m going to bother with it, but I always do just because it’s the only thing in town, and it’s so close, and I love taking photos of bright lights.
IMG_0537When I was little and we drove all night traveling from Kansas to Oregon (because it wasn’t so hot at night) I would insist that my parents wake me up when we drove through any towns with bright lights.

Not the London Eye, but it's all we've got.

Not the London Eye, but it’s all we’ve got.

While I was walking around the business booths, I talked to a couple of chiropractors and one of them had some awfully negative experiences with the Graston Technique. Seems his brother had a treatment on his shoulder that actually tore a ligament and required surgery to repair it. He said he was trained in it, but he would never use it because it was too dangerous. He recommended ultrasound or laser treatment. He said that on a small area like my wrist, that technique would be extremely painful. So that was a worthwhile conversation.




IMG_0558Do any of you WordPress users know how to insert photos side by side instead of in a list format? Seems like this theme used to give you a choice about how to place the photos (more choices than left, center, right), but I can’t see that option now.



IMG_0617I wish I had more nerve to take photos of people. I’m going to work on being braver about that next time. I saw more crazy tattoos there than I’ve ever seen in one place, and the little kids on the rides are just charming to watch.


random child

random child

There was also a parade, but I missed it this year because I work Saturday mornings. That’s okay, it’s always the same, too. Theres a family on the parade route who always make pancakes and give them away for free, though, and I’m kind of sorry I missed that. It’s not that the pancakes are so fantastic, it’s just the neighborliness of giving away pancakes that appeals to me. I like to do my share and eat them.
Olathe has a population of almost 130,000, which makes it the fifth largest city in the state of Kansas. But Old Settler’s Days goes a long way towards giving us the illusion of  small town camaraderie. Even so, I only saw one person I knew besides my son. It was my physical therapist.



11 responses to “Travelling Daughter, Serrapeptase, and Old Settler’s Days

  1. Love the carnival shots!

  2. I don’t go to fairs and festivals these days, except for the one featuring Chubby Checker recently. Your daughter is lovely.

    I do love carny lights and your photos.
    Scar tissue. Ugh.

  3. Well done to your daughter, and I’m sure she’s having a great time! That’s what mums are for – to embarrass their daughters! I really hope you find a solution for your wrist soon. Love your pics of the festival. By the way, regarding the photos – you can create a gallery and select the photos you want to display, then under Gallery Settings > Type, choose ‘square tiles’. This will only display them at a certain size, however, and three in a row. You can choose ’tiled mosaic’ if you prefer. But you may have already found this option and it might not be what you want!

    • Actually, Jo, it might be something worth exploring. Another reader gave me the code for what I was used to doing before, but I have so little time to blog at all, I won’t get to look at either option before the weekend. I’m glad I have choices, though. Thanks for the information!

  4. Carnival lights a big delight, no matter what the age.

  5. I hope your daughter has as fabulous a time as possible in England, and I can say without fear of contradiction that that is a whole *lot* of fabulousness! Just wish I could be there too!

    Your photos here are a delight–I grew up in a modest-sized town that had one of the bigger state fairs in the country, so I know the allure of both the sameness and the variety of it. Always love my times spent there, doing nothing but meandering and picture-taking, people-watching, and just plain marveling at the unique combination of the weird and the mundane that is the world of a fair. I especially like your picture of the guy emerging from the bear, which looks to me like the perfect midwest version of a Russian Matryoshka doll! 😉

    • Thank you, Kathryn! I will probably be posting more photos for this interim time when I have no particular news about my other art projects.
      My daughter’s having a great time, I just saw pictures of the White Cliffs of Dover, where she’s staying one night. I can’t wait to get back to the UK myself!

  6. SCORN! I didn’t comment on this one.

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