MY Mountain: Mt. Rainier from the ’20’s and 20’s

IMG_3182Mt. Rainier has always been a pilgrimage place for our family. It’s THE mountain, MY mountain, and when I was little, I actually saw the mountain as a person… I could see a face in it (still do).
Other people might call it “my mountain” but really, it can’t be their mountain (unless they are my family!)
My grandparents lived in Seattle and took their six children there often. My grandma was Swiss and my grandpa Norweigian. They placed a high value on both mountains and family pictures, and I have some photos from as early as the late 1920’s.

Carl Jr, Mt. R.My dad was born in 1922, so I’m guessing this one is late 1920’s. Can anyone tell from the vehicles? This was taken at Paradise.

IMG_3166My cousin Cheryl and I hiked in the summer of 2012. Same starting point.

photo@Mt.R.I wonder how many millions of people have stopped at this exact turn off on the way to Paradise to snap a photo. I know we stopped there every single year.  (I remember a photo with me at age 4 with our red Ford station wagon in 1960. I was wearing red shorts.) That’s my dad with his father and four of his five older sisters. I’m guessing that my grandma took the photo.
Mery Mt. R. 2

Here’s my grandma. 1930’s? (I’m looking at the hat and guessing.)Carl, Mt.R.My dad. Before there were rules about hiking off the trails on to the meadows.

Mildred Bangs WynkoopOne of my dad’s sisters.

IMG_3303Trying to recreate that photo, many years later. I forgot to look at the mountain instead of the camera!

IMG_3312.2Just me, showing off. I practised this stance for a year, but it turned out to be quite difficult in hiking boots on loose rock!

Mt.R.LakeMountain lake. I have no idea which one. It was in the same bunch of photos, so I’m assuming this is also at Mt. Rainier. My grandma in the front.

Carl O Bangs & ThelmaNow this view I’ve yet to see for myself. This is Pinnacle Peak. It’s the top peak on the Tatoosh Range opposite the south side of the mountain. Every time I’ve been there it’s been under too much snow for me to tackle it. The description on the park website says it’s a dangerous trail with lots of loose rocks. But I really want a photo of myself sitting in that spot! That’s my grandpa and one of my aunts. I think it’s Cheryl’s mom. She hiked that trail with her husband every single time she visited the mountain, well up into her 80’s.


IMG_3231Cheryl and I think alike a lot of the time, hence this photo.

IMG_3264At Panorama Point. Then we actually went a bit farther up and got even better views.
IMG_3316Now we’re looking right over the top of the Tatoosh Range. That’s Mt. Adams in the background, almost a mirror image of Mt. Rainier. Click on it to enlarge it twice, and you’ll see great details. The flat area in the center is Panorama Point where the previous picture was taken.

That’s as far as I’ve ever climbed. Living in KS doesn’t give me a lot of opportunity to keep training as a hiker. Once upon a time I had a dream of a summit climb, but only one of my cousins, Cheryl’s brother,  has ever done it. I don’t see myself doing it now.

As you can tell, I really picked up the photography bug from that side of the family. I’ll show you some more of Mt. Rainier soon.



12 responses to “MY Mountain: Mt. Rainier from the ’20’s and 20’s

  1. Didn’t you just blog? Must be a good week. I must formulate the perfect response. Not that I’ll write it.

  2. Roger, you’re being naughty. I should take you off of email notifications. Let the others have their turn!

  3. I love pictures and their stories. This was interesting and I don’t blame you for claiming this mountain as your own. You have known each other well and long. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  4. I grew up in Colorado and also claimed a mountain. It is very hard to leave when I go for a visit. Very much like a “person.”

  5. ‘Like’, schmike. You *know* I LOVE this! 😉

  6. Keep climbing, otherwise it’s all downhill.

  7. How beautiful, and it’s really lovely that you have so many photos of your family in the same place! That must make it very special for you. I cannot help date the cars or hats any more precisely, I’m afraid, but I would say you’re on the right track!

  8. Thank you, Jo, I appreciate you coming by!

  9. Lovely photos and family shots. I remember some years ago when my family and I took a holiday in the Pacific Northwest. Flying in to Seattle I remember clearly Mt. Rainier suddenly appearing alongside the plane. I shall never forget the splendour of it.

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