Don’t forget your gloves~

IMG_0694Last weekend’s haul from the give-away pile included the usual assortment of “junk” plus a nice Chinese fan, an old needle case with great graphics, and a set of Muttluks. Obviously, I don’t need the Muttluks, but I can probably sell them for the price of a meal at the Thai place.  I’ve been craving Thai lately.

But it’s not all old wine glasses and Tupperware. Here’s a piece of clothing for a woman, and I don’t even know what it’s called, but it’s antique.

IMG_0688Look at the detailing on all those pin tucks and the interior lining. It’s very small, I can’t even try it on. I have someone in mind for it, though, she’ll probably put it in her Etsy shop. I could do the same, but she’ll enjoy getting her hands on it first.


But there’s something else I can’t resist picking up, and that’s the gloves. Almost every box with the old handkerchiefs, scarves, and belts will have a pair of white kid gloves. I have absolutely no use for any of these, but they are beautiful. None of them fit me, either.

I remember ladies wearing gloves to church back in the ’60’s when I was little, and I remember having them myself. I’m pretty sure those were cotton, though. These go back a bit farther in time, but I don’t know when kid went out of style and cotton became the norm.

But last night I found a pair that were more unusual. I picked them up of course, because I can’t resist the feel of them, but also because I  noticed that they were larger. IMG_0692Ah ha, I thought, maybe these will fit me (not that I would wear them anywhere.) So I took them home and tried them on. Too big! But there was a folded up piece of paper in one glove~IMG_0693Some gentleman’s wedding gloves! I’ll bet you anything his wife wrote that piece of paper and saved them. Franklin B. Hams (or Harris?) wedding gloves November 19, 1856.
Naturally, I did a web search for the name, but I didn’t come up with anything.
So. While I think this is extremely cool,  I’m not trying to start a museum here. I have a lot of vintage linens and quilts and things from my own family history, and I don’t want to confuse things for my kids by leaving random people’s antiques in my estate.  I suppose I’ll do some further research to determine if they have any value and then try to sell them.
But you readers can have first pick from my glove collection!



7 responses to “Don’t forget your gloves~

  1. I love the gloves, they’re so fancy.

  2. You have some interesting finds here, Jeanne. I especially like the gloves, the ones with the tiny buds are lovely. Yes, I remember wearing gloves and fancy hats. I wonder where they all disappeared to after I stopped wearing them. they fell out of vogue after some time.
    Lovely post.

  3. How beautiful it all is! Yes, I remember glove times, but cotton was the thing by my youth. Those wedding gloves are gorgeous. What a lovely find, to come across the note!

    • Kathryn, my first thought when I felt the paper was that someone had slipped a secret note to the glove’s owner, and they had hidden it there. But knowing the date that they were worn is really special!

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