Art Exhibit up at Lackman Library

IMG_0670I finally was able to get some of my pictures hung at the library branch where I work in the evenings. I promised a long time ago to show you, so here it is!

IMG_0671The opposite wall is all magazine shelving. It’s a nice room where people  sit and relax or take their laptops  to a large  work table.

IMG_0672I put out a brochure (basically same text as on my “About” page) and a few papers with my contact information on them. The glare from the glass was too bright to allow for decent close-up photos, but these are all on my Deviant Art page.

We’re hoping there will be plenty of interested patrons who will also want to sign up to exhibit for a month. Our county library system already has an “Art in the Stacks” program, but our branch isn’t a designated location, so we’re doing this on our own. We’re also planning a “708 Gallery” night for adult patrons to bring in their projects to display them in our meeting room for a couple of hours. I’ve got a hand in planning for that, also. For those of you who haven’t yet memorized the Dewey Decimal System, 708 is where you find the art gallery books!

If you’re in Lenexa, KS, stop by the Lackman Branch of the Johnson County Library and take a closer look!



3 responses to “Art Exhibit up at Lackman Library

  1. What a lovely idea. The framing of the different pieces set off the artwork in their individual ways.

  2. Fabulous! Your beautiful art, the well-suited display you set up, and the idea of a gallery night–all absolutely wonderful! Wish I lived closer so I could visit it all!

  3. Your art is lovely! I particularly like the large black-framed mandala. It’s wonderful that you’ve started an exhibition space in the library. I hope other artists can show their work there.

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