This is hilarious!

Especially if you’re just a tiny bit bored.
This is the webcam at Abbey Road Studios. Enjoy!

Remember, if you’re in the USA on Central time, this camera is showing 6 hours ahead. I’m looking at it during a busy time, and there are tons of people trying to cross against traffic while getting their pictures taken.


3 responses to “This is hilarious!

  1. I also think it’s amusing that people who know about the webcam are calling their friends on their cell phones and then waving at the camera.
    Not like I wouldn’t do the same thing, if I were there! I wouldn’t be able to resist.

  2. I wonder why we do that? The waving I mean? Hilarious. 🙂

  3. Tess, I think they are calling their friends and saying “look at the webcam, I’m here!” and then their friends get on the site and look, and they wave at them. Technology. Whew!
    I told my daughter to wave at the camera, but I didn’t know when she was there anyway and she couldn’t make an overseas call to let me know!

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