It looks like my time for composing posts will be a bit hampered this week, so I thought I’d show you a few samples of some collages I’ve made over the last year.
I belong to a group called the International Union of Mail Artists, an entertaining group of people who make their own postcards and embellish envelopes and make friends by exchanging what they do with artists all over the world. I haven’t been as active since I broke my arm, but I hope get back to making some new collages soon. I have a huge supply of old magazines, dictionaries, and other ephemera that I like to combine to make strange results. Sometimes I use my own photos. Sometimes I use trash.

I don’t know whether you can define this one as “art” or not. I’ve got some favorite collage artists that I think do work far superior to mine. But I sometimes just don’t “get” collage as easily as other things. And since it’s not my main endeavor, I don’t spend enough time studying it to know what makes it “good” or “not that good.” Sometimes I’ll do something that clicks and sometimes I think I haven’t hit what I was after at all.

I’ll be interested in hearing your reactions to the ones I’ll be posting this week. Do you have any favorite collage artists?



4 responses to “Value

  1. This is N.I.C.E.
    I haven’t made collages since taking craft classes wayyyyyyyyy long time ago. Great to see again. I like the 50s feel of this one.

  2. Delightful! I’m playing quite a bit with digital collages myself, using either my own photos as in the ones coming up shortly on my blog, or others’ photos as yours is here. You can see mine by searching my blog for ‘digital collage’, I assume. I think yours is great!

  3. I’ve looked at these posts backward. The mail art is art. It’s creative and inspires a reaction, makes me happy to look at it.

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