August 19, 2012 (2)I’ve always been fond of this one. I have no idea how it rates as a collage compared with other artists, I was just making a postcard. So it’s classified as “mail art.”  I had some travel brochures and a magazine from the ’50’s that I inherited from my Aunt Olive, and I finally decided it wouldn’t hurt to cut them up a little bit. I’m pretty sure I sent it to my daughter when I was inundating her with mail during her first (and only) semester at K.U. last year. Coincidentally, when she was on her trip to London this month, she stayed a couple of blocks from Waterloo Station, which is showing on this map!
Tomorrow or the next day I’ll show you a couple of other people’s collages that I admire.



One response to “Fly TWA

  1. This is wonderful and sounds like F.U.N. 😀

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