Ben Stainton at Hello, Fig


I don’t even remember how I found Hello, Fig. I haven’t been receiving the daily emails for very long, but I truly enjoy opening each one to see his work. As I’ve pointed out before, I know almost nothing about collage art, and never would call myself a collage artist. Mail artist, yeah, but that sounds a lot less formal and a lot more like “anything goes.”

When I saw Wanderlust, I was reminded of one of my own, which I also sent as a postcard to my daughter when she was away at school. It’s much more complicated, though, and probably has too much in it. At least, that’s how it looks to me a year later.
CopyofAugust192012I made this using an old school atlas and some cut-outs from old sheet music.

Here’s another one from Hello, Fig that makes me want to try this technique:

 “Will and Grace”

will-and-graceAren’t these entertaining? Here’s a link to his site:
Take a look, I think you’ll enjoy it.



6 responses to “Ben Stainton at Hello, Fig

  1. I love the middle one. The shoes / feet on the map are quite attractive too and I immediately thought, huh, ‘on top of the world’. Interesting postcards. Thanks for sharing. ;-D

  2. Fun collages – I’ve seen versions of that stripey one and always find it intriguing – the challenge would be finding the right two original images. Thanks for sharing….

    • I think I’m going to take my own school photo and reverse it and see what weirdness comes of blending the two views. Probably won’t be an attractive thing to look at, but if not something else might suggest itself.

  3. The middle one caused a grin.

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