Robert McKeown Collage

Good evening everyone,
Here’s the second collage artist I’d like to introduce to you. My friend Robert now lives in Florida, so I rarely see him, but every once in a while he’ll post something new on the internet, which I enjoy a lot.
I’m starting with this image from a magazine article so you can click on it and read the background information it provides.
396646_4288839373343_386973993_n Old Jules and Robert are the two people who give me the most encouragement about my own art.

969358_10200768578870958_1603114427_nRobert and I met over a cafeteria table in high school, but in those days he went by “Bob” and I’ve never been able to break the habit of calling him Bob.  As I recall, our first conversation included my friend Glenda, who introduced us, and we were all trying to figure out how to talk our parents into letting us travel together in Europe. That never did happen, but somehow or other we continued to find a lot to talk about. He was the first friend I had who was as interested in art as I was.


We stayed pretty close until I went to KU and he went to the Kansas City Art Institute. But we promised to stay friends, and we have. (Glenda and I are still friends, too. I was just contemplating this as I got Glenda’s birthday card ready to mail out. Those friendships have lasted a long time. I saw Glenda in June, and we always just click, talking as if we were still in junior high, though maybe with a little less drama.)

I know this commentary sounds like I got off track about the collages I’m showing you, but in my mind it sort of does have a connection. You see, Bob’s collages are ones that I usually like a lot, but don’t feel like I understand them. If there’s a meaning, I have to admit I don’t usually “get it.” And because he’s my friend, I want to understand them better. But I think they are amazing to look at all the same.

551362_4832011272301_365682333_nI really wish I could see his studio or watch him at work. I think I could learn a lot. Especially about creating depth. And maybe about relaxing and  playing with art.

Here’s a link to his photo gallery which is worth viewing:
Robert McKeown



2 responses to “Robert McKeown Collage

  1. Lots of colour and depth but other than that I’m in the dark too.
    Picasso was such a revered artist but I never could understand the Cubism stuff… 😉
    I guess all anyone can do is appreciate what someone else has wrought…

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