Little Free Library- I finally spotted one!

I was doing my annual autumn drive by of the house where I grew up in Prairie Village, KS and spotted one of these in Lew Burton’s yard. (Or what used to be his yard, he died years ago.) That’s my old house in the background, by the way. It’s at the intersection of Windsor and Canterbury.
IMG_1070I was really tickled to see it. As a library person, I see lots of photos of these in different places with all kinds of different designs, but I’d never actually run across one. I parked and took a look at the selection.

IMG_1071Nice selection of both kids and adults books. I hope it’s seeing a lot of use. That neighborhood probably has a lot of kids in it, but it’s also full of medium wealthy people now, too, and I wonder if that makes any difference as to how much use it gets. I think it’s really great that someone put that up along a fairly busy street, though.
Have you seen any of these in your neighborhood? There are some great photos  on the website.
With a couple of days off one of my jobs, I’m catching up on a couple of projects and getting ready for our 708 Gallery night at Lackman Library next week. I love October, so I’m glad I have some free time to be outside in it. I’ve also got a family member who’s in the hospital at the moment, so I’m not going to be on the internet a whole lot for a few days. But I’ll catch up with you later!



6 responses to “Little Free Library- I finally spotted one!

  1. If I ever came across anything like this I’d think I’d died and gone to heaven. What a smashing idea! .Absolutely love it.

  2. I have never seen one in the wood/paper/glass/scissors. Very cool idea though. Elaine needs one. The neighborhood assoc. would probably object. You might consider one as well. The squirrels here have been petitioning for one, but they want to gnaw the covers rather than read the books.

  3. What a wonderful thing! We have nothing like that over on this side of the Atlantic!

  4. Yes! The one in Eugene is just a couple blocks from my home! I’ve not found anything to read yet, but I’ve dropped off a couple books. Thanks for bringing attention to this great idea, maybe a few more will get built!! {{{Hugs}}}

    • It would be fun to have one here, too, but I live two blocks from the city library, so I don’t know if it would really get much attention. Sure is cute, though.

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