Mindfulness in the Library

IMG_1075I went to Staff Day at my county library job last week, which is always entertaining and enlightening. We had our bi-annual sexual harassment awareness training presentation from the county and then heard some speakers who represent organizations with close ties to the library that some of us hadn’t heard about. Also, we just like seeing friends from the other branches that we don’t see often enough.  Mainly because we all work too much.
IMG_1076But in the afternoon we were given some choices about programs to attend, and based on my top three choices, I was placed in a “Mindfulness” session. All the library branches were closed for Columbus Day so we had one of the buildings to ourselves. Since we had just eaten lunch, watching a DVD about Mindfulness had me fighting sleep pretty hard, but I got out my therapy putty and kept myself awake. It wasn’t boring to listen to, just soothing and calming. I broke the rules by getting out the therapy putty because the emphasis was about just concentrating on one thing at a time.  But it was either that or a nap.
IMG_1078But after the DVD we had a couple of hours to work on our own creative projects. That’s the first time I’ve picked up the pens seriously since the beginning of August, so I was glad for the opportunity to concentrate for a while. There were plenty of seats by big windows, and I just settled in and didn’t get up for the rest of the afternoon.
It was also raining, which made it even better as I wasn’t tempted to go out for a walk.
So these are the results of that afternoon.
IMG_1077The rest of the week got pretty complicated, but I go back to my regular schedule tomorrow. Somehow, in spite of having some time off, blogging seems to go better when I have the usual routine in place.
So more from me later,


6 responses to “Mindfulness in the Library

  1. These are lovely samples you share with us. 😉
    What is therapy putty?
    I thrive on routine too. Without it, I’m all over the place and grouchy to boot.

    • Thanks, Tess. Therapy putty is like Silly Putty in some ways, but there’s more of it and it’s not so hard. You squeeze it to exercise your hand (in my case, trying to improve my grip strength). It comes in different levels of resistance.

      • Thanks, Jeanne. I heard a commercial on the radio (in the car) that a weak grip is a sure recipe for dementia. Along you come and mention this Therapy putty. What timing. I must get out and get me some or, I know there are these balls you can squeeze too. I think they were recommended for people in stressful jobs. 😉

        • I think the balls work too for just strenght, but this is what they used when I was in physical therapy. It’s by Norco and it’s called Rainbow Putty- I have the medium green 3 oz. container. You can make a roll and pinch it across using each finger and thumb and other exercises, so there is more variety of what you can do than exercise balls.

  2. I have one of those old metal squeeze devices I found at school. This one is an older one with wooden handles, and it squeaks. I will need to grease it or something, because there are others present who find the squeaking annoying. As for blogging better when you’re in your routine, I think I got more things done around here when I had a job.

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