Welcome to the 708 Gallery!

Last Monday was our 708 Gallery night at the county library where I work. We had 9 people who brought in art work and probably three times as many who stopped in for a look. Here are some photos I took that evening.

IMG_1181  My co-worker Mike and his wife Lindsay collaborated on these paintings. He draws, she paints.

IMG_1172I ran out of space on my table! And totally forgot to bring in the ornaments.

IMG_1179My oldest son brought in these pieces plus one more. He said to call it a “retrospective” since it’s been a long time since he has had time to draw.

IMG_1183A detail from the one on the left.

IMG_1184A detail from the fourth one that didn’t photograph so well in the lights. It’s quite a lot smaller than the others.

IMG_1180My youngest son brought this page that he had just completed that day. I could never do that kind of work!

I didn’t get photos of any of the other artists works, but I met one gentleman who does some amazing stuff.  His name is Tully and he began making things when he started getting arthritis so he would be sure to work with his hands enough to keep them flexible. Here’s a link to one of the pieces he brought called Silhouette and a link to his gallery page: Tully. He said he would help me build boxes for a reasonable cost if I ever get around to setting one of my pieces inside a mirrored box.

jcl bookmark cI made this bookmark to give to the participants to thank them for coming.

I don’t know if our attendance was high enough to do this again, but the people who were there were glad they had participated. I’d like to have it again in the spring, so we’ll see!



8 responses to “Welcome to the 708 Gallery!

  1. Your boys are a chip of the old block right. Talent runs in the family, I see. 😉
    Thanks for sharing, Jeanne. Such intricate work you all do.

  2. Your sons have obviously inherited your ‘it’s in the detail’ gene!

  3. Nice sign too. I expect that was your doing.

  4. From Silhouette. Found objects are things you didn’t buy, right? Can they be from your own stuff? Or must you find them elsewhere? Can they be from a garage sale? Or does it simply mean they’ve been re-purposed?

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