Joy Stained Glass, Part One

Hello everyone,

Two of my dearest friends, Roger McDougle ( the frequently crazy “belovedtiger” on the comments here) and his partner, Russell Joy, have a stained glass business. My friend Elaine from work introduced us a few years ago, and we’ve been great buddies ever since. We went out to visit them near Oak Grove, MO last weekend, so I took some photos to share with you.
First, here are a few pictures from various churches where they’ve designed and made windows. I took these photos off their website.



Space-Window-cropRussell is the one who does all the designs and Roger  assists with putting things together. (Roger, let me know if I’m not describing something correctly here!) They frequently travel together to do the installation. They have installed church windows all over the country.

Here are a few pictures from inside the studio, and in part two I’ll show some other photos I took that evening.
IMG_1126This is a painting Russell did in preparation. I believe it’s called a cartoon.  It’s actually very smallbut I forgot to add anything to the photo to give you perspective. Here’s a detail:
IMG_1128                            That lower edge might be a couple of inches across.

These show the actual size of the layout of some  windows he’s working on or has already finished, (not sure which!) and shows the arrangement of the pieces of glass.

IMG_1122Those rolls of paper are from other projects.

IMG_1132Maybe when there is glass being cut and put together with the lead I can go back and take more photos. It’s amazing to see this kind of work up close.

There’s a Paul McCartney song that always comes to mind when I go visit the studio. It’s called “Average Person.”  Paul sings about people who have a driving ambition to do something that they were never actually able to do in life. Here are a few lines from it:

Well, I’m talking to a former engine driver
Trying to find out what he used to do
Tells me that he always kept his engine  
Spit and polished up as good as new
But he said his only great ambition
Was to work with lions in a zoo
Oh to work with lions in a zoo
Yes dear, you heard right
Told me his ambition was to work with lions every night

The thing is, Russell says he’d give up stained glass in a minute if he could be an “engine driver.” Instead,  he spends a lot of time working with the model railway club. He’s promised to show off his projects over there next time we’re out that direction. I’m sure his craftsmanship will be just as evident there, but I’m awfully glad to know that there are so many churches in this area and across the country where his gorgeous windows can be seen.

Check out their website: Joy Stained Glass.  There is a list of locations where they have installed windows, and if you’re not close enough to see them in person, the photos on the website are still pretty stupendous.
Next time I’ll show you some more photos from that evening.



5 responses to “Joy Stained Glass, Part One

  1. I’m in awe. Have to push my chin up before I start catching flies.
    I looked at their website. Geez, the work is out of this world.

  2. christinelaennec

    Very beautiful. I love stained glass! It’s great to know people are still making it and commissioning it.

  3. There are a few newer pictures on the facebook page Joy Stained Glass Studio.

  4. I’d love to have a bash at making stained glass, these designs are beautiful. It must be wonderful to go into a church and see the sun streaming through a window you’ve made yourself.

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