Fall Interlude

I’m waiting on a recipe from Roger that I’d like to include in the next post about Joy Stained Glass, so for now here are a few photos I took behind my apartment last week.

IMG_1210A lingering zinnia.

IMG_1212The potted plants are just about finished. That’s comfrey and some sorrell in the background.

IMG_1195Shiva found a water pipe with a drip coming out of it. Can you see her little tongue in the shadow on the wall?

IMG_1196She caught the attention of a squirrel who started making a huge racket.

IMG_1204I think he was really angry with her. She might have found HIS water supply.

IMG_1199She ignored him.

IMG_1198La de dah, I can’t hear you.

IMG_1197I’ll leave when I’m good and ready.

IMG_1203Still mad at her.

IMG_1205I’m coming down there. (Notice his short tail! I wonder what happened to him!)
IMG_1201I guess I’m ready to come in. But you have to call me, mom, so it doesn’t make me look bad!



6 responses to “Fall Interlude

  1. A cute post. Entertaining squirrel and Shiva is right to stand her ground. ^_^

  2. are cats just wonderful personalities! A delightful set of photos and commentary.

  3. That pink against the turquoise in the first shot is beautiful, and thank you for pointing out the tiny tongue shadow, I’d have missed it otherwise. 🙂

  4. Did Shiva quietly threaten to further shorten the squirrel’s tail, if…?

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