Didn’t we just do this recently? Halloween, 2013

Happy Halloween to everyone!

I got pretty burned out on Halloween when I was raising my kids. Five costumes and five pumpkins and trick-or-treating will do that. We didn’t usually decorate the yard much, although I do remember using some flower bed dirt to make a grave mound one year.  But the dirt was already there because I was planting a whole new bed, it’s not like I dug it up for that purpose. Personally, I can take it or leave it. When I’m not at work that evening, I spend time over with my kids, who do things up right, starting several months in advance. Given my lack of enthusiasm,  I’m a bit mystified about how involved my now-grown kids are. My boys especially really go for the creepy stuff.

Only some of the props were up when I took these pictures yesterday. Imagine flaming torches alongside the sidewalk. Those will be lit tonight.

IMG_1389By the front door. (Scary music playing and a black light over the porch.)

IMG_1392                     My son makes these figures using a base of chicken wire.

IMG_1397                     A children’s costume on sale  last year worked well here.

IMG_1399                                          I see a Hieronymous Bosch influence.


Wilhelm Roentgen He saw through everyone.

Wilhelm Roentgen
He saw through everyone.

IMG_1236a                               One of many outdoor cats. Isn’t she gorgeous?

IMG_1239Look at my big paws! One of the younger outdoor cats is  having his first Halloween.

IMG_1241Indoor crafts…cut out of paper with a light behind it.

IMG_1242This is only about two inches high.

IMG_1267aBathroom blackboard art.

IMG_1269Do you write Halloween haiku? Have you ever even considered writing Halloween haiku?

Since I don’t have photos yet of the pumpkins and so forth, I might put some more pictures up tomorrow.  Or we might just move quickly on to Day of the Dead or All Saints.

Have fun,


15 responses to “Didn’t we just do this recently? Halloween, 2013

  1. I’m impressed. Lots of work and obvious enjoyment for those involved. 😀

  2. Reblogged this on So Far From Heaven and commented:
    Jeanne’s family has a long and honorable tradition of ostentation celebrating Halloween. It shows. Jack

  3. Wow, your family are really going all out for Halloween! It’s not a big deal where I’m from so I love seeing what other people do to celebrate!

  4. Halloween Haiku, Roentgen, and Bosch? YAY! Happy Halloween to you!

  5. Yes…she IS a gorgeous cat! The only thing I struggle with is getting any writing done when she sits on my lap…and keyboard. And face if she can (not the best way to wake-up, as I’m sure you know. Feels like you’ve grown fur & gone blind!).

    Good blog. Like it. My personal favourite is the werewolf costume (I hope it was a costume). I haven’t actually ever tried writing a Haiku but it sounds fun.


    • Haiku is a lot easier than you’d expect, and it’s great for when you’re doing some mindless chore. I frequently put them together when I’m shelving books.

  6. People must make a special trip to your house to see it. I love a creative display!

  7. Just wait until Christmas.
    I wrote a bathroom blackboard haiku, about 15 years ago. It foreshadowed your blog. Who knew?
    Wikipedia, who writes this stuff? Day of the Dead is a three-day celebration. Why day and not days? It also says it’s a bank holiday. Again is it all three days? Who knows?

    • Roger, you’re the one who observes all the holy days, you should know this stuff. All I know is that the 1st is All Souls and the 2nd is All Saints. Unless you’re Mexican and observe Day of the Dead. I like the idea of Day of the Dead, though, decorating shrines and making and serving food for all those ancestors.

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