Kasten Halloween Creepiness, Part Two

Here’s a brief overview of how things looked during the Halloween festivities that my kids orchestrated last night . I was working until late, so I didn’t get to see many  of the visitors, but everyone seemed impressed, and a few kids were genuinely terrified.

IMG_1525Gate at the entrance to the yard.

IMG_1482There were 17 torches lit, some red lamps on the ground, and some ultraviolet lights on the porch.

IMG_1484I wish I could have seen it all! There were 150 trick-or-treaters! Double the number from last year.

IMG_1491Some (real) animal skulls decorate the grill.

IMG_1490This one’s hard to see, but that’s “radioactive waste” spilling out.

IMG_1563Werewolf in the little tree. My son did some tree-trimming and used the branches as props and barriers behind the display, which worked well for keeping people in the right area of the yard.

IMG_1543Orange kitty ignored the spider and ghost.

IMG_1542Heat lamps feel good on a chilly evening.
And now, the pumpkins:

IMG_1510If you know this one, you know it, if you don’t, you don’t.


IMG_1485My son did this one of a friend of his who lives in Canada.

IMG_1479If you’ve ever been to the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, there’s a warning at the end, “Beware of hitchhiking ghosts!”




IMG_1475Another one of my son’s friends.


IMG_1471I took the original photo here, which I’ll show in another post later, but this shows two of my sons!



IMG_1467All those child-sized mannikins from a store that closed came in handy.

IMG_1449              The one in the center is the person  behind all this (with kitty.) He said some people had him pose with them for pictures.

IMG_1448                                         Which one is the real one here?

IMG_1558                                                Close-up of skeleton pumpkin.

IMG_1520Treat bucket. This one has been around a long time. Always reminds me of Edward Gorey.

IMG_1556Black kitty resting on my son.



IMG_1532 When I was a kid, I was afraid of everything. I was so scared of scary things, I even hid in the bathroom during kindergarten story time because there was a giant in Jack and the Beanstalk.  I would never have gone near something like this, even with my parents! I’m really glad I’m grown up enough to enjoy this now, thank goodness, but I’d never go to one of those  haunted houses. But I’m still mystified about why people like being scared! Do we just not get enough adrenaline flowing in our lives anymore that we need a jolt from time to time? What do you think?



9 responses to “Kasten Halloween Creepiness, Part Two

  1. Reblogged this on So Far From Heaven and commented:
    Amazing. Andrew, Julia and Michael did a heck of a job once again. No halfway for these youths. Jack

  2. The professor can understand the fear the photos alone have him shaking. Nice photos; but eerie….

  3. Ha! A scary *story* is plenty for me!

  4. I like the carved pumpkins and the blue ghost the best. I don’t like scary things, especially scary things that are realistic. I prefer a good tear jerker with a happy ending.

  5. Outstanding carved pumpkins. What a great place to arrive at for trick or treat. No wonder you have so many tricksters. Everyone had to see it.

    I think people like to be scared when / because they know it is s.a.f.e.

  6. The one time I went to a haunted house, the only thing that got me was a guy that blended into the wall and jumped out. That was really well-done.

  7. We’ll have to come and see next year. It’s about time we did.

  8. Amazing – and scary! – decorations! Halloween isn’t such a big thing on this side of the Atlantic so it’s interesting to see what lengths you guys go to!

    • Christine, for most people, it’s not like this at all… a few pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns are enough to show you’re open for trick-or-treaters. But at Christmastime people get really involved with decorating their houses, and Halloween is quickly following suit.

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