The stuff you see while waiting for a train

IMG_1578I actually watched this guy unbuckle his belt, lower his pants to below his butt cheeks, and re-buckle his belt.
NOW he’s ready to cross those tracks.  I waited to see if he could still keep his pants up while he crossed the tracks, and they did manage to stay up while I drove by.
I really did think this must be on the way out by now, but the mid-west is the last place for old trends to disappear and for new ones to take their place. It boggles the mind to imagine what might be next, though.

Seen in Olathe, Kansas, early November, 2013.


9 responses to “The stuff you see while waiting for a train

  1. I’m really hoping that the next iteration of Sagging will be the Wearing of Underpants Over Pants, because it will not only show no more of the underwear than is already visible on saggers but will make it a heck of a lot easier for them to walk at normal speeds without tripping over themselves. *And* it’ll make it easier for them to see when they need to change clothes and launder. Win/win PLUS!

    • So that’s what it’s called? Sagging? I have mixed feelings about that. I thought it was just a way to say “I’m stupid and I don’t know it, but I want you to know it.”

  2. Ha ha ha. Recently I was behind a big buy whose pants felt right off, the waist halfway to his knees. At least he had decent gray underwear on. Without a pause, he whisked them right up again and kept on going. I was the one who tripped.

    I thought this fashion had faded into oblivion too.

  3. Probably his mom wouldn’t let him leave the house like this so he had to wait till he was out of her sight and then forgot. Then, oh yeah, waiting for train reminds me my pants are on my waist instead of below my bum! I thought we’d seen the last of this nonsense!!

  4. Did you see the front? Back in the old neighborhood, guys would hold the pants up by holding themselves. Yes, under the clothes. I had one panhandle me in the school parking lot doing that. It did engender pity, but not of the sort that makes one want to make a contribution.

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