My Mountain, Miss Shiva, and Gingerbread Madeline

mountaineThe Mountain, of course, first.

mountainfFrom the webcam, within the space of about 20 minutes on December 5th.

If there’s going to be severe cold and snow, which there is here in Kansas, I’d rather look at it in a wilderness area than in town where it is interrupted with buildings and roads and people rushing to get to work. But the key word is “look.”
An hour later, it’s mighty cloudy up at 6,000 feet.

mountainhI’m actually glad I’m not trying to drive up that 9 miles from Longmire to Paradise. While I shiver at work during the day,ย  I’m able to visualize my beautiful Christmas tree waiting for me with Miss Shiva, who has taken a liking to the new velvet tree skirt that I found in the auction discards. I really like to hole up in winter. I have 9 more full work days until Christmas break.

No, you're not taking my picture!

No, you’re not taking my picture!

Ha, gotcha.

Ha, yes I am.

Two nights ago I went over to my older daughter’s house, where she and my younger daughter had been all day working on The Gingerbread House 2013. It’s become an amazing tradition, and the house goes on display at the Olathe Public Library for the entire month.

In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines...

In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines…

1474599_10152455321381110_2842259_naDidn’t they do a great job? It took a couple of hours to do the baking the first night, and the assembling and decorating took 7 hours the next day! Those hats are made with lemon Starbursts. The roof is made of Tootsie Rolls.
While I was going through the worst of the healing process after my wrist surgery, I did a lot of ornament-sized drawings. Those didn’t get any attention on Etsy (in fact, my Etsy page is down) so many of them have found their way into Christmas cards this year. I’ve sent out probably 50 cards this year, less than half to people I know personally, and the others all went to pen pals and Bookcrossing people for the Holiday Gift Giving. No point in stockpiling that stuff,ย  and they make good surprises for people who request ornaments on their wish list.
It’s 12 degrees Fahrenheit here. But my car doors weren’t frozen shut this morning and my car started just fine, so I can’t complain.



10 responses to “My Mountain, Miss Shiva, and Gingerbread Madeline

  1. I L–O–V–E this gingerbread house and I have the SAME Madeline book for my grand kids. Lovely work and all the little girls too. I’m impressed. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Your mountain looks spectacular! The weather on the ridge at the head of our glen, although considerably less high, changes equally quickly and can be very dramatic. Your tree is also spectacular!! Your Shiva is a wee bit like our Patches.

  3. Madeleine! I remember those books, perfect for a library. Great to see that Shiva the cow cat is well and happy under her tree ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What a wonderful gingerbread fantasyland! I was fond of the Madeline story myself, and am so impressed with the loving attention to detail that makes this project so perfect.

    As for Shiva, she’s certainly the loveliest ornament of the whole pretty tree!

  5. Beautiful mountain views and that gingerbread house is amazing!

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