Bummer if that thing went off (from the drafts)

I’m probably not going to be posting as much as usual here, but I filled in for Old Jules today with some updates so you’ll know what’s going on.

So Far From Heaven

Ever noticed how many people hang around discussion boards of every description watching for things they can tell other people NEVER to do?

NEVER play with matches! NEVER ride a bicycle with no brakes! NEVER point an acetylene torch at your face when you light it! NEVER try to get inside a tree shredder while it’s running!

I think there must be something about typing a command about never that feels validating, self-affirming. Telling people what they’ll either have better sense than to do anyway, or who will pay no attention and will do it anyway.

And the fact is, it could as easily be said in ways people might listen to because it wasn’t so offensive and presumptuously downtalking. How about, “Sure would be a big bummer for a person to get his hair caught in that fanbelt.” Something along those lines.

About the only response I can think…

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2 responses to “Bummer if that thing went off (from the drafts)

  1. Thanks, Jeanne, for the update. Hope Jules is on the mend however slowly.

  2. christinelaennec

    That is funny about the discussion boards. My advice? NEVER spend too much time on discussion boards!

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