Frostbitten chickens and work for butterflies

Celi has given me a reason to re-post her blog today. I know I have a few readers in the UK, so I am sharing for that reason, but also because I love her description of our lives.


The frostbitten chickens, now reunited with the rest of the flock in the chook house, are recovering very nicely thank-you. They may not be pretty and cute. But they are bright eyed and beautiful. All bright eyes are beautiful. In fact I have never seen an eye that was not beautiful. At least we have that. pine-needle-oil-035pine-needle-oil-043pine-needle-oil-059pine-needle-oil-050 They are even laying which is a relief. These shots were taken in a hurry as Sheila her Ryoyal Fatness was banging on the chook house door demanding her tax – an egg or maybe Two. Someone had snuck through her field (me) without paying the Troll Toll.

pine-needle-oil-064Cheeky Pig. I found a man at the pub last night who knew a man who had a boar.  So things are looking up for Sheila. I was going to AI, but she shows no signs of coming into heat. And we need to breed her…

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