What I Did This Summer

Hi everyone, thanks for coming by. I’ve not been in the mood for blogging for quite a while, but lately I’ve considered posting again with less text, sticking to more photos. I’ll see how it feels.

I promise not to post the 1500 photos I took when I went to Washington and Oregon in July, but if the mood strikes, you’ll see a few. I did quite a few collages over my break, and got some really great stuff in mail exchanges, so maybe I’ll show some of that. Instead of trying to showcase my gel pen art, I’ll probably use this blog as a place to post creative work of all kinds.

At the beginning of July, I was invited to show some art work at a friend’s open house. She called it “Christmas in July.” It turned out to be a showcase for party plan products of various kinds, so it wasn’t a lucrative event for me. I sold a packet of  greeting cards to one woman and a hanging ornament to an 8 year old girl.

IMG_2832I usually photograph my tables at events like this so I can refer back later and make sure I bring all my stuff.
IMG_2833This table was smaller than I’m accustomed to, but it really wasn’t an issue since nobody came there to buy original art.

IMG_2835I originally thought these would make great tree ornaments, but I mailed out a few last year as gifts and everyone thanked me for the bookmarks. I suppose because they weren’t “Christmas colors.”

IMG_2836Make your own cards by pasting these on a blank card, or use as gift tags. It seemed like a good alternative to hanging them up. These will probably be abandoned eventually (see http://www.createmixedmedia.com/blogs/the-creative-life/michael-demeng-art-abandonment and http://tofuartsf.blogspot.com/2013/04/hide-some-art-in-book.html as I’m not really interested in keeping stuff around that is several years old. It does look nice, but doesn’t reflect my current style, skill level, or use of materials.

IMG_2834I won’t abandon the pendants, but I may just keep them all for myself and wear them in turn. I’m not surprised that people weren’t interested, since they were all coming to buy Tupperware. But it was a learning experience, listening to all those women who care about their cooking utensils and cleaning products, sharing their enthusiasm while trying to make a few bucks. I just wish I’d brought a book along.



7 responses to “What I Did This Summer

  1. Reblogged this on So Far From Heaven and commented:
    Jeanne’s back reporting to two jobs most days, 0730 through 2100 either in transit to jobs, or working. But believe it or not, she’s barely getting by financially. Next lifetime I’m going to devote some time trying to figure that out. Meanwhile, she’s lucky to have work, I reckons. Jack

  2. Lovely to see your blog back Jeanne, although I know what you mean about not ‘being in the mood’. When you’re working long hours, as Old Jules says, sometimes it’s difficult to muster the enthusiasm. Pictures are great though and I look forward to seeing some from yours from your trip. We visited Washington and Oregon some years ago so it will be nice to re-visit through someone else’s eyes!

  3. Nice to see you again, Jeanne. I look forward to pictures. Sorry the event wasn’t more exciting. 😮 You go to a lot of trouble carting stuff around and setting it all up and then disappointment sometimes. Next time will be better, I’m sure.

  4. Good stuff, dear lady. Talk to us when you can; show us what you’ve done when it’s done. We look forward to it whenever you get time.

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