A Big Project Comes to Fruition

Some of you are already familiar with my mail art call for the library display I’m coordinating at the Lackman branch of the Johnson County Library. For those that are not,  I’ve been gathering submissions for several months for this display to promote Library Card Sign-up Month (September). The regular blog for the project, Library Mail Art,  will be updated this weekend, since I will need to feature a couple of pieces that haven’t yet arrived, and I promised photos for the participants.  But I put the display up last night, and here is how it turned out:

IMG_4594I used part of one of the artist cards as a header for the sign.

IMG_4593An empty room divider screen combined with a discarded coffee table worked well for a prop that won’t get knocked over.

IMG_4598We just criss-crossed strings in each section and used clothespins and clips to hang everything. Some smaller items that wouldn’t hang are propped on the table.

IMG_4600I pulled as many books from our collection as I could, and by the end of the evening, half of them were checked out!

IMG_4599Some items were too large or fragile to hang, and they are in the clear plastic pages displayed at the end of the table.

IMG_4596Shirley, my granddaughter’s other grandma,  loaned us her decorative mailbox for this project, so I made some postcards so people could “mail” their comments. (Thank you, Shirley! This was a great touch!)

IMG_4597And of course, library card applications are handy.

IMG_4595We received around 60 pieces from all over the world, so I consider it a huge success! The concept of mail art hasn’t really gotten popular here in Kansas, and  the whole idea of mailing anything with a stamp is almost a foreign concept anymore. In fact, someone last night said, “Wow, these even have stamps on them! Are they all current?” as if this might be a collection of antique postcards. (I guess he didn’t see my sign.)

I think more people are looking for encouragement to express their creativity as a way to balance out the other demands in their lives.  Books on creativity, collage, and mail art are getting more popular, so I think that first class mail might be on the way back!





4 responses to “A Big Project Comes to Fruition

  1. Reblogged this on So Far From Heaven and commented:
    So Jeanne’s work on the Library Mail Project spang went up. The work shows and the patrons should get a lot of pleasure from this one. Congratulations Jeanne. Jack

  2. Wonderful! I passed this on to a friend who adores sending ‘real mail’ – I never asked if she sent one in! Brilliant idea and beautiful set up 🙂

  3. Woohoo! Good stuff.

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