Hot Springs Pools at Breitenbush

If you’re in a scenic location, it really isn’t hard to take good photos. I suppose I should qualify that to “photos you’re happy with” since I’ve never had any instruction. But I’ve got the perfect camera for my small hands, so it’s even more exciting.  I use a Canon Powershot Elph 300 HS. I sometimes wish it had a teensy bit more telephoto, but I can hold it in one hand, which counts for a lot. I used to get a big kick out of sharpening the pictures and adjusting the brightness using Photoshop, but I’m too lazy to do that anymore. So you’re going to see a lot more photos, not manipulated,  of Oregon and Washington.

However, it’s difficult to find good opportunities to take hot springs photos in a “clothing optional” environment! So I can only show you a few photos of the soaking pools.
These first two aren’t of a bathing pool, but  of a super hot pool right close by the lodge.IMG_3147

IMG_3148Standing next to the fence, I could inhale the steam and hear the bubbling coming up from below.
Just a few feet away  is another small pool of water, probably not hot, but I didn’t find out. This one had salamanders in it, and there was a warning not to touch them because they have sensitive skin.

There are several areas with soaking pools. This is the “quiet pool” where any conversation is discouraged. There was a view across the meadow towards the river, and one day I saw a deer and two fawns in the meadow grass.


IMG_3321  IMG_3326
My favorite pools are the “spiral tubs” where there are four pools of different degrees of heat. The hottest was about 117 degrees Fahrenheit. I’ll have to look that up in my journal to see if I’ve remembered correctly. This really old pool captured my attention because of the mosaics, its age, patina, and degree of decrepitude.



Going to a warmer one, now.



And this one, the super cold one. I was able to stay in a few minutes at a time, then go back to the hottest one, and back into this one, over and over. Interestingly enough, it was while I was doing that that I got some really solid ideas about long-term projects.

Although I stayed at Breitenbush two years ago, I had never been in the sauna. This time I used the sauna every day. It’s way too dark in there for photos, but it’s such a great old building, I have to show it to you.
IMG_3154   IMG_3156This stream runs around the front and side of the sauna:
Until next time~



5 responses to “Hot Springs Pools at Breitenbush

  1. I know nothing of hot springs or saunas. This has been an interesting journal tour. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. That looks great. It’s so idyllic.

  3. Alen, yes, but I wonder what it would be like when there’s a lot of snow on the ground? Maybe some day I’ll find out.

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