Catching Up

IMG_5125aI’m still around, but  haven’t been in the mood to post for a long time. Today I’ll show you a few collages I’ve made over the last few months and mailed out to International Union of Mail Artists friends. IMG_5127aIMG_5128a


I’ve also got a few items listed on eBay and I might show you photos of what’s for sale, too. I find some bizarre things sometimes.



March 2 2014 (6)I took a trip to visit my cousin in California last month, and I’ll see if there are some unique photos that you might find interesting.  but most of these posts will be brief, just a glimpse into what’s catching my attention each week. I’ve been doing some crazy drawings to mail out, and I’ll show you some of them, too.

How’s everyone else doing? I still enjoy reading all the blogs I follow and appreciate the work you put into them.



6 responses to “Catching Up

  1. So nice to see your work again. That reminds me. I once had an great aunt who had six German shepherds. She fed them boiled cabbage and other such intestinally volatile delicacies, and then hooked up an airbrush to their behinds. Positioning photographs, sculptures, pottery, household objects, nefarious symbols, and on rare occasions, simply a blank canvas (and holding up their tails, obviously) at a variety of angles, and employing a variety of inks, paints, condiments, and bodily fluids, in random combinations produced a great number of disgusting messes, but about one in 37 were, as she named them, grands triomphes d’art des derrieres de mes chiens nobles. These spectacles of canine flatulence were initially not well-received at the Edna’s Pie Shop and Crochet Parlor in McCamey, Texas. However, an animal rights advocate on her way home to Odessa from seeing her sister’s shredder band the CRANNIES in Austin happened upon them while calming a frantic post-hangover sucrose-ingestion compulsion with several slices rhubarb-muskmelon pie with pistachio a-la-mode, mint whipped cream, and lime leaf garnish. (Edna claimed she was forced into such dessert disasters to compete with IHOP’s nasty pancake mélanges.) Thus in a circumstantially-contrived West Texas insulin-resistant delirium did this PETA stalwart conceive the idea to sell Great Auntie’s dog butt spray as a fundraiser. Auntie is now a Newark dilettante who, along with her lover McCamey Edna, now sell Texas dog fart art and Texas excess mess pie to the New Jersey elites.

  2. that dude just won the internet.
    I had a real comment but I’ve lost it now. My brain is 100% concentrated on making dog-fart-art.

    Oh yeah – I really like the first work you posted!

  3. Glad to see you back Jeanne. I love the first piece.

  4. Seriously! What great minds one meets here in the interwebs. Your collages are full of inspiring and intriguing stuff, so I suppose you’re partly to be [thanked? blamed?] for the amazing commentary responses as well. What a post! What a day! 😉

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