Drawing Self-Taught

Some of you might be wondering whether I’ve done any new art work lately. The answer is a bit complex.

IMG_6095I found a book on its way to the trash called Drawing Self-Taught. I believe it was from the 50’s. One of those cheaply made paperbacks that might have cost .50 when it was new. Now, it’s  falling to bits.

IMG_6096So I thought it would be fun to play around with the rough guides on each page and see what I could do with the “zentangle” techniques I’ve been seeing lately.IMG_6099I can’t wait to tackle the pages with the entire female figure. I think the author got a little carried away with those, they are nearly all lying down in various seductive poses. IMG_6100I sent one of these off to a mail artist in Belgium, but I haven’t figured out how to convert the scan I made to a .jpg yet, so you can’t see that one yet. It was all legs. IMG_6102So in spite of not having made any of the other “mandala” style drawings, I do draw some. I suspect this new stuff will alter my style if I go back to the other free-hand work, but it’s too soon to know that. In the meantime, these little things are going out to my mail art friends.  There’s no shortage of material to play with when you look in the trash. I hope you enjoy them!



10 responses to “Drawing Self-Taught

  1. I can see why you’re attracted to these drawings Jeanne, the swirling, intricate patterns hold a similarity to your work. Very bold.

  2. I really like these! Good find. Will we see any of your experiments?

  3. Now to draw like that on real people.

  4. What a fantastic idea! Now I’m going to be scouting for all sorts of books I might be able to “remake in my own image”!!! Thanks for the inspiration, my friend! Brilliant.

    • Kathryn, once you get over the idea that you’re defacing a book, it’s lots of fun. Especially if there are some captions already in place!
      Thank you for all your comments!

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