Monthly Archives: March 2017

The Undecorated Page


A co-worker asked me  to script a page of her favorite recipe recently. This is the final layout without any decorations. I’ll post again when it’s finished!


Miss Kansas City, 1946 (Collaged Postcard)


I found a yearbook from Westport High School not too long ago, and I had lots of fun making some ATCs and postcards from the various pages.  This one is one of my favorites.

Moving Men (Collage Art Collaboration)


A friend of mine, Robert McKeown, is a collage artist whose work I admire and sometimes imitate. I made this one by printing out a photo of one of his collages (without permission, sorry!) and building on it with photos and book cut-outs of my own. I mounted it on an old book cover and mailed it to him for a present. To my relief, he enjoyed it.

On the Verge of Collapse (Collage Art)

I made this collage last year, but it’s not a permanent piece. I just photographed it and dismantled it so I could use the pieces again elsewhere.

You Want That Recipe? Here…


A friend of mine was raving about my pound cake and asked for the recipe. “It’s online,” I said. “Oh, but I want YOU to write it out,” she said. So, I did. Now her son wants one, too. We’ll see how far this goes. The next one will, I hope, be better. It’s been years since I laid out any text, but the process came back to me.

Catching Up with WordPress

I decided to come back and show some of the creative things I’ve made lately, but WP has changed so much, I’m not sure how to sort it out and make it look the way I want.
Here’s a collage for you while I try to figure it out. 14364797_10155267898825031_1420926236290933739_n