“Matchbox” trade, Tiny Collage Art

I was following a French  artist on Facebook who initiated a matchbox exchange. The photos of the ones he had received showed them filled with tiny items, pictures, charms,etc.  I decided to accept the challenge,  but instead of a matchbox, I  used an old box for reinforcements. (As it turned out, that wasn’t the best choice).
I found an old Conoco trip log from the 1930’s with various graphics that I liked and superimposed them on an old map, then added images to the back and sides. I intended to glue in an old race car from a Monopoly game, but I couldn’t find one without spending money, so I had to skip it.
When I packaged it up in a padded envelope to mail, the Post Office told me it would cost almost $14 to mail it first class! They said it was over 3/4 of an inch thick, and was not uniform in size (it made a lump in the packet, not a smooth item that filled the envelope space). To send it as a small package would have cost even more and involved a customs form as well. I could have saved some thickness by using a regular matchbox, but I didn’t feel like starting over and it still wouldn’t have had the dimensions they expected for a first class letter.
So I told him I couldn’t send it, after all.


6 responses to ““Matchbox” trade, Tiny Collage Art

  1. Roger McDougle

    very nice. squidworthy

  2. Have you seen the exquisite matchboxes that Picasso painted? Of all that he did, these are the things I would love to have most….

  3. Such a shame after all your efforts I think that such a wee box could make a lovely personalised gift to someone if it contained items and treasures relevant to that person.

  4. That was a great pity about the postage cost, particularly when the weight must have been negligible. Nice job though.

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