Layouts, Handwriting style, Size? Oh, dear.


I’ve been playing around with layouts and what kind of handwriting I want to use on these recipe pages. I’m trying for something not too formal, a little bit elegant, and still very legible. I’m not sure yet about the sizing on them, the one on the right looks like it’s harder to read, so I may go with a smaller size. I’m trying to leave space for some embellishments, too.
Feedback is welcome. I’d like to resolve some of the basic issues before I commit to a huge project!


8 responses to “Layouts, Handwriting style, Size? Oh, dear.

  1. The style you have looks great. I would also think about one that comes close to the standard Palmer Method cursive. Our parents and grandparents used that. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be full on cursive, just something that is similar in print style.

  2. And then do a whole cookbook.

  3. The one on the left seems easier to read but both look very nice. Did you hand write these yourself? They’re beautiful.

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