In Memory of Andrea Jay, Hilarious Assistant Principal (Retired)

Andrea Jay sent me a postcard about 3 years ago when she found my name on Mail Me Some Art. It was the beginning of a very interesting and entertaining exchange! I’m going to show you all the postcards she sent me that I could find. If you click on the picture, it should enlarge so you can read them easily.


Her collages are fun, but her drawn figures are even better! I felt kind of intimidated when I first saw how talented she was.

A close friend of hers wrote to me recently, enclosing my postcards to her, and letting me know that she passed away last March.


Most of the cards here don’t show the year, but I arranged them by season to put some kind of order on them.


I was aware fairly early on that she was getting treatment for cancer, but it never seemed to make her depressed…at least, not in the mail.


She signed hers “best fishes,” and I started responding with “best dishes,” and magazine cut-outs of stacks of dishes.


“Learn to laugh at your problems, everyone else does.”


She was a die-hard vegan, and I found a site that said she was a judge for a cookbook. There’s a nice photo of her on that page.


She REALLY hated winter!


Although my mail art style is very different from hers, she really inspired me to do my best to send something original back to her.

I love it when people can draw like this… always wished I could.







I know there is another one from her, because I distinctly remember her saying her wig made her look like Dolly Parton, but I can’t find that one…I have it somewhere, though.

IMG_0034She also wrote her own obituary.  Doesn’t she sound like someone you’d like to be around? I’m very lucky to have known her through the mail. She had many mail art friends who will miss her.




3 responses to “In Memory of Andrea Jay, Hilarious Assistant Principal (Retired)

  1. Thanks for the memory jog. Envelope doodling is a long-lost art. I bet the post office workers loved these, too.

  2. Andrea was amazing! What a wonderful free creative person! I’m glad you got to share so many things. I hope I have time to postcard with you again soon.

  3. What a fortunate woman you are to have been able to share mail art with someone as obviously as talented as you are. She seems like a woman I would have like to have known. I consider myself very lucky to have you in my life to share letters with.

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