Back to the “studio”

I haven’t done any watercolor painting for many, many years. I was never all that good at it because I didn’t keep practicing after the instruction I had. But there are several generations of painters in my family and after visiting Switzerland last July, where some of my family lived and painted, I decided to give it another try. This one is a sort of copy of one that my great-great aunt made. IMG_1723
Here’s another one I did, again based on a family painting. About 5×9 inches.IMG_1724
And this weekend I may have finished this one (it’s in the “wait a bit and see if it needs anything” stage). This one is from a photo I took of the Chateau D’Aigle from the train. It’s 9×12 inches.
I hope everyone is having a creative summer! I took about 2700 photos on a trip to the Netherlands and Switzerland, so I have lots of material to work from as I go back to drawing and painting.




9 responses to “Back to the “studio”

  1. These examples look great. It’s funny how a person can only keep creative energy asleep for only so long. I hope you have more to come.

  2. Thank you! Sometimes the hard part of the creativity is blogging about it.

  3. 2700 pictures? Did you do anything else? I’m glad you had such a wonderful trip. It’s about time, eh?

    • Yes, but I’ve taken even more than that on previous trips to the west coast.. I blame it on the wildflowers. I can’t resist them! This time, there were lots of throwaway photos taken from a bus or train. But I kept trying.

  4. And the painting is great, esp. having been away from doing it for so long.

  5. Your paintings look charming… water colour is so much more difficult than other mediums, though many people think oils must be… the main thing is, you’re enjoying it, and such creativity is always valuable…never stop !!!!

  6. You know I’m a huge fan of the “wait a bit” phase myself, Jeanne! It’s pretty rare that I don’t see plenty in that phase worthy of tweaking or at least learning from for future projects. All the same, it’s delightful to bask in the accomplishment and the freshness of the newly-minted work, and you should rightly be pleased with yourself for revisiting your watercolor skills. Isn’t it exciting to reopen the ol’ toolbox that way? Congratulations and much encouragement from here!

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