Church at Vers L’Eglise

Here’s the next watercolor I just finished from one of my trip photos. A long time ago, my brother visited this church (it has our family coat of arms inside) and did his own drawing of it. At that time, there were no gravestones in the cemetery. When I was there, sections to the left and behind my view had gravestones, with just these few in the right section. But I also looked up a stock photo of the church and this entire area that is now grassy was previously filled with gravestones. The Swiss clear out their cemeteries every 25 years or so (maybe in this case, by sections). All the cemeteries we saw in Switzerland were fairly new, nothing more recent than the 1970’s. A bit disappointing, as I was going to look for the grave of the great-great aunt of mine who was an artist there. But the Swiss don’t have room to keep expanding their graveyards, and the idea that the person will only be buried there for around 25 years seems normal to them.

Now that I’ve posted this, and received some feedback, I know I’ll be working on it some more. So you can look at this as a work in progress.


10 responses to “Church at Vers L’Eglise

  1. Where do they move them to?

  2. Lovely watercolor btw

  3. I’ve never heard of graveyards being cleared like that. Your painting is lovely, it looks like an interesting church.

  4. What a shame… in the UK they arrange the old tombstones around the edge of the churchyard so you can still read them….your watercolour is charming….

  5. Those last two comments were from me, Jeanne. Looks like WordPress and I disagree about logging in 😦

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