I started using gel pens to create free-hand kaleidoscopic designs in 2003. I find inspiration everywhere, from traditional Tibetan mandalas to furniture details, art nouveau, ethnic art, and nature scenes. My favorite pens are Gelly-Roll pens by Sakura. I usually use different kinds of acid-free paper or mat board, but sometimes I experiment with home-made papers.

I sometimes use the word “mandala” to describe my designs, especially when they start in the center and spiral outwards. “Mandala” is Sanskrit for circle, a symbol of wholeness. Meditating on circular designs is said to promote healing because it helps us concentrate onorder instead of chaos. I have found that the act of creating these designs also focuses my thoughts towards forgiveness and gratitude.

Although all my work is free-hand, I sometimes use Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro 7 to manipulate the designs and make digital images for greeting cards and other products.

Most of my works are for sale. They range in size from 24×24 inches to 2×2 inch hanging ornaments.

Being able to create a design of any size with an incredible amount of detail which is pleasing to the eye makes me happy!

Comments on this blog are not moderated at present and will post immediately, so if you’d like to contact me privately, send me an email at elisekasten@hotmail.com. Please put “Jeanne Kasten Studio” in your subject line, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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  1. First time on your site, Jeanne! I’m very impressed. I’ll be looking at it regularly.

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